Pink ribbon products… and GMOs

From Raine Saunders, at Agriculture Society:

“Before the clock runs out on this month’s breast cancer and GMO awareness, I’d like to point out some facts that may not be obvious to some consumers.

No doubt you’ve seen the pink ribbons all over food labels in the grocery store or on fast food products like KFC.  These labels are easy to spot on packages, cups, cans, boxes, and other containers of many foods and beverages.

But there’s something else to notice too – a majority of these foods bearing the pink ribbon for cancer awareness are full of harmful, toxic ingredients. Don’t believe me? Just pick up one of these food products and have a look.

Not only are many of these ingredients indecipherable and dangerous, many of them are also from genetically-modified substances. This means they originated from a laboratory where abominations of nature take place on a regular basis: the genetic material of one species is extracted in a laboratory setting and inserted into another to achieve desired traits such as resistance to pesticides or to produce some other entirely different outcome than the organisms would normally be able to achieve – such as inserting spider genes into goats to produce silk. These are also known as transgenic organisms.

Doesn’t this seem like a contradiction?

There are many others besides food corporations such as companies and organizations who sponsor the pink ribbon campaign and donate a portion of the money to “curing cancer” – automotive, entertainment, department stores, clothing companies, jewelry companies, personal care product manufacturers, sporting goods, and the list goes on.

There are many organizations, universities, health authorities, and other entities that are undermining citizens’ rights to correct health information. Recently, Stanford University conducted a faulty study showing there is virtually no difference between conventional and organic foods. This study is false and doesn’t take into account the vast amount of toxins and chemicals used in commercial farming, all of which have been proven to affect nutritional quality and integrity of  the foods grown this way, as well as the soil which is the foundation of all life on this planet.

Where does Stanford get their funding for their research? As always, follow the money. Many of their sponsors are big agricultural companies and others which have a  vested interest in nullifying the importance of eating real, organic foods…..”

Read more on Agriculture Society.


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2 responses to “Pink ribbon products… and GMOs

  1. AJ

    Thank you for this article. According to the counter 1,387,835 people visit this blog. That is a substatial amount of people whom have the potential to give this truth to another million plus people.

    As a woman, whom has known the truth for more than a decade, nothing makes me more vocal than the idiocity of all the promotions of pink and the shaving of heads as some sort of emblem of personal pride – look at me and my personal sacrifice for such a good cause. Personally, I think that the shaving of the head to make wigs and raise support for cancer research, is a reflection of how deep the head is in the sand. With not even 5 minutes of research no one would be continuing with this deception.

    I love horse racing and I love football, but it makes me roll my eyes to see their promo’s for Kormen’s Pink Campaign. Makes me wonder how much money Kormen gives to these sports in order to have a platform to continue the deception of the masses.

    Again thank you for this posting.

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