New science on buttermilk’s benefits

From David E. Gumpert on The Complete Patient blog:

“The International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC) continues to challenge the conventional wisdom about milk. After deleting one of its articles from the October issue about the potential benefits of raw milk, it now has an intriguing article in its November issue suggesting that buttermilk could be the antidote for both many common intestinal disorders, and to susceptibility to pathogens.

Its article summarizing research from around the world is about the growing importance of intestinal lipids from fat and carbohydrates, called “glycolipids,” in protecting against inflammatory diseases, and even pathogens. It seems timely coming in the midst of the intense discussion following my previous two posts about the terrible price paid by families of children who become ill from raw milk, especially since it is about scientific research as apart from all the emotion that has come with the debate here. 

“Unfortunately, the rapid degradation of glycolipids in the intestine, typical of inflammatory intestinal diseases, is associated with a further increase in pro-inflammatory signaling, inflammatory markers, and susceptibility to pathogens,” the article states, in making a connection between intestinal problems and pathogens. “Conditions like necrotizing enterocolitis (in infants), inflammatory bowel diseases, and Crohn’s disease (in adults) are becoming a new health problem, affecting over 1 million Americans each year. Because neither surgical nor drug interventions cure these diseases, there are increasing demands for new treatments.”…”

Read more on The Complete Patient.

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