UK-designed genetically modified mosquitoes “seeded” to replace the natural insect populations

From Mike Barrett, on Natural Society:

“In case you didn’t know, genetically modified mosquitoes have been unleashed numerous times on planet Earth. Thus far, millions mosquitoes were released in various locations; Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil. Now, the GM mosquito creator Oxitec may release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the fields of crops, including olives, citrus fruits, cabbage, tomatoes, and cotton.

A UK-based company, Oxitec is the maker of all genetically modified insects. The company’s goal is to create a global market, where GM insects will be released around the world in order to take over natural insect populations. With the replacement of natural insects, the company hopes to wipe out disease carried by insects as well as those insects feeding on farmers’ crops. As scary as it might sound, thousands of insect species could be genetically altered in the near future.

Interestingly, Oxitec is supported by and very close with multinational pesticide and seed company, Syngenta. Syngenta, in addition to providing the world with destructive pesticides, has also been charged with covering up the deaths of many animals consuming the company’s GM corn. Being mainly interested in the market for GM agricultural pests, Syngenta as well as Oxitec are planning to commercialize GM insects around the world.

What’s especially scary about the release and future modification of thousands of species is that all of this will be done with little risk assessment. Not to mention not knowing of the vast number of negative outcomes that could occur from genetically modifying parts the biosphere.

Read more on Natural Society.



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3 responses to “UK-designed genetically modified mosquitoes “seeded” to replace the natural insect populations

  1. nedlud

    Obviously, when there’s a war on, the rules for ‘living’ change.

    Techno-humanity is at war with the Universe.

    It’s a war techno-humanity aims to win!

    What is it about some of you Luddites and primitives that can’t grasp this fact?


  2. sa

    yep, that is scary.

  3. AJ

    I have such empathy for young children growing up in this world that has so dramatically changed for the worst. Everywhere you look – it seems that sick demented phsycopaths are messing with something or other, that they have absolutely no business messing with.

    Very Disturbing Information.

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