Why does raw milk fan feel like a rebel?

From Trisha Gilkerson on Intoxicated on Life:

“Why do I feel like a rebel? Well, there are a couple of reasons, but one in particular is because our family has now traversed into the world of raw milk. Ah, yes, the rebellion of acquiring and drinking raw milk. That despised-by-the-government liquid that has poisoned nourished generations of people!

A while back I became convinced that if we were going to be using milk, raw milk was the way to go, but I had no source of raw milk so I had to content myself with organic milk. Just recently a dealer provider of raw milk availed themselves to us and I jumped at the prospect.

So, how has our family responded. Luke and I, consummate loathers of milk (pasteurized store bought),  gave it a try and decided raw milk was rather flavorless compared to store milk. We neither like nor dislike it. Bradley, also a lifetime milk-hater, doesn’t want to try it, and so for now its not a battle I’m willing to fight….”

More on Intoxicated on Life.



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4 responses to “Why does raw milk fan feel like a rebel?

  1. D. Smith

    Just think how much better her breast milk would be for those babies if SHE herself was drinking raw milk rather than comparing it to pasteurized store-bought milk. She doesn’t seem to understand much about raw milk, or is there more to this than just what was in this one blog post??

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