Food, Farms & Family — Resilience

Nicole Foss SW Ontario Tour Nov 26 to Dec 2nd
Food, Farms and Family: Building Resilience within Limits
A Century of Challenges: Energy and Finance

What can families do to increase their resilience to upsets and breakdowns in the food and farming system? What can farmers do to keep our food supply secure, healthy and local?

Nicole Foss lives on a farm near Ottawa, is trained as a biologist and in environmental law, She consults on energy and financial issues, See

Her Food, Farms and Family talk will address food production in the future and the related health time bomb in this era of industrial foodstuffs. Our farming system has critical dependencies on fossil fuels, superhighways, large scale mono-cropping and genetically engineered seed.

The Century of Challenges Energy and Finance presentation will focus on peak oil, ponzi economics and how to prepare for what’s to come. Her down-to-earth approach will help you grasp what limits to growth really means. She helps you identify your options to prepare for challenging times.

Nicole Foss, BSc, LLM, has lectured in 15 countries and given hundreds of speeches and workshops over the past three years. Her Ontario visits are as follows. Contacts provided if you want to know more information

NOV 26 Chatham, ON

United Way of Chatham-Kent 7pm

NOV 27 Sarnia, ON

Lambton Inn 7pm

NOV 28 Shedden, ON, Elgin County

Shedden Keystone Complex 3-5pm

NOV 29 Clinton, ON, Huron County

REACH Huron Centre 7.30pm

NOV 30 Hamilton, ON

Copetown Community Centre 1-5pm

DEC 2 Barrie, ON

89 Dunlop St East 2-4pm

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