Rawsome’s James Stewart out of jail

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“You wonder what sitting in jail for four months–all for running a private food club–does to a guy. You wonder what it does to the people around him who were supposedly watching his back.

I’ve certainly wondered, especially with James Stewart finally being released after four months in a Ventura County jail, capped off by five days at the notorious Los Angeles County jail (known as the Twin Towers).  (He was jailed last July after missing a couple court appearances in Los Angeles and Ventura County.) 

I haven’t been able to reach Stewart, but have heard varying accounts of his state of health and mind from his friends. They say he lost nearly 40 pounds in jail because he couldn’t/wouldn’t eat the disgusting food he was served. They say he emerged pretty discouraged, since he still faces multiple legal issues, including the 38 felony counts in connection with Sharon Palmer’s loans to acquire the Healthy Family Farms site back in 2008, and a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the original Rawesome Food Club.  And now that he is out on his own recognizance, he has to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his movements….”

More on The Complete Patient.

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