Fracking in America knocks ’em dead

In case you haven’t heard of fracking, which is a way of extracting natural gas using underground explosions, check out this trailer for the recent documentary, Gaslands. You can watch the full movie on Netflix, in Canada at least. Netflix U.S. has a bigger choice so they probably have it too.

WARNING: If you click “read more”, you’ll see GROSS PHOTOS of cancerous lesions on wildlife.

From the Above Top Secret forum:


Canary in the  coalmine? Can you blame this deer for not running from a hunter?

“I killed this buck thursday. It was the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I was told they were deer warts but nobody has seen any this bad. I walked up to him at 25 yards in a bean field, he just stood up and started walking towards me. I still had my climbing stand on my back.”

Deer apparently shot in Tennessee. Are those cancerous lesions?

From Paula Crossfield on Civil Eats:

First In-Depth Report on Potential Impact of Fracking on Food

“In the midst of the domestic energy boom, livestock on farms near oil-and-gas drilling operations nationwide have been quietly falling sick and dying, according to the latest report by Food & Environment Reporting Network. Elizabeth Royte wrote the cover story, “What the Frack Is in our Food,” for the December 17, 2012, issue of The Nation magazine.

“In Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry is already on a tear—drilling thousands of feet into ancient seabeds, then repeatedly fracturing (or ‘fracking’) these wells with millions of gallons of highly pressurized, chemically laced water, which shatters the surrounding shale and releases fossil fuels,” Royte writes. “New York, meanwhile, is on its own natural-resource tear, with hundreds of newly opened breweries, wineries, organic dairies and pastured livestock operations—all of them capitalizing on the metropolitan area’s hunger to localize its diet. But there’s growing evidence that these two impulses, toward energy and food independence, may be at odds with each other.”

The story, the first in-depth look at the potential impact of fracking on food, cites the first and only peer-reviewed report, published earlier this year, suggesting a possible link between fracking and illness in food animals. It includes 24 case studies of farmers in shale-gas states whose livestock have experienced neurological, reproductive, and acute gastrointestinal problems after being exposed—either accidentally or incidentally—to fracking chemicals in the water or air.

Farmers are not required to prove that livestock are free of contamination before selling them to middlemen, and federal authorities are not testing for these compounds at slaughterhouses. “[Exposed livestock] are making their way into the food system, and it’s very worrisome to us,” says one of the authors of the report, Michelle Bamberger, an Ithaca, New York, veterinarian. “They live in areas that have tested positive for air, water, and soil contamination. Some of these chemicals could appear in milk and meat products made from these animals.”…”

More on Civil Eats.

Fracking seems to be a perfect example of a business model that involves privatizing the profits and externalizing the costs — in this case, costs to the ecosystem. How can anyone who cares about life, or ensuring a healthy future for our children’s children, regard this practice as anything but madness?


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4 responses to “Fracking in America knocks ’em dead

  1. Well of course with all things governmental, there are always multiple hidden agendas. One of the hidden agendas with fracking is Agenda 21. To make rural areas impossible to earn a living in, and to live in, and to get people into cities, where they can be more easily controlled.

    • nedlud

      @Inalienable Wrights:

      That is exactly correct. Cities are concentration camps and ‘reservations’ where everyone can be effectively monitored and mind-controlled (ordered around and made to follow strict procedures). Of course, modern city people, by virtue of their ‘superior modern education’ (and thus,having ‘greater value’ to ‘superior’ modern society), feel their ‘right’ (and they are in fact fully encouraged and positioned by the regulating totalitarian state/government) to make the decisions and the laws that affect (very negatively) their country bretheren.

      And so we have no (good) food, nor any (healthy) fun, nor a clean environment (respect for Nature), nor any life (freedom and liberty) anymore.

      All reservation and concentration camp, all-the-time.


    • Bill Anderson

      Don’t know what Agenda 21 has to do with this, IW. You sure have a way of reading conspiracies into everything. The “conspiracy” here is simple: profit. Fracking is profitable for the gas companies. The less they have to respect the enviroment and local communities, the more money they make.

  2. Into our food supply is terrible….but, really, what is being done to the affected animals and wildlife is disgusting. It feels oft times overwhelming….and more than often. Why? and Why can’t we, as a species, participate in life and be part of life as intelligent, responsible, and caring humans?

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