DATCP wreaking yet more havoc?

In a comment on an earlier post, Inalienable Wrights wonders whether the widespread use of fracking is not more about destroying the countryside and rendering it unfit for habitation than it is about accessing buried natural gas. And one might well wonder the same about the predations of regulatory agencies like Wisconsin’s DATCP. Are they really more about destroying the rural economy than protecting anyone’s health or well-being? 

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

“Last February, a Wisconsin judge imposed a temporary injunction prohibiting Arlin Bender from slaughtering cattle and pigs on behalf of neighboring farmers, at the request of the state’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). In July, the judge followed up by  extending the injunction for a year.

At a hearing on Monday, the judge will hear arguments that his orders have been a serious violation of Wisconsin law.

In both court actions,  DATCP said Bender was operating without a license, and without the proper facilities and a state judge, Jon Counsell, agreed. In October, I wrote about Bender’s ordeal trying unsuccessfully to defend himself in several court appearances, where he maintained he was operating on a private basis for individual farmers, at their request and on their property.

The temporary injunction and followup restraining order gave DATCP the authority to inspect Bender’s property whenever it wanted. In mid-November, DATCP said it wanted to come over. It turned out to be a particularly bad time for Bender, who is a Mennonite, and many of his Mennonite neighbors. The two-year-old child of a neighbor had drowned, and relatives and friends were pouring in for the funeral. Bender was putting many of them up at his home, and understandably didn’t want state inspectors prowling around. …”

More on the Complete Patient blog.


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One response to “DATCP wreaking yet more havoc?

  1. nedlud

    More and more laws and legal boundaries, more and more ‘officials’ taking over and deciding things with FORCE.

    The complete and final militarization, mechanization and citification of the world is at hand::


    You have your highly privileged, obscenely wealthy, psychopathic ‘elite’ (government) and you have their ‘true believers; (those who worship and obey them in order to receive favor {money and property, social status}; and imitate them {apply force and intimidation tactics, utilize rampant deceit} in order to feel similarly powerful and important) and then you have everybody else….

    If you’re lucky, everybody else, you get a cot and a tent.

    And if you’re not lucky, well, hope for a quick death.

    I still can’t believe people didn’t A) see this coming and B) still think it hasn’t arrived!

    Get your head out of your hole.


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