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Citizen activism DID stop the quarry

There are times, like this one, when concerted action by concerned citizens can made a difference in the political process. Remember the Foodstock event last summer? That was one of many citizen actions that led to this result:

From Orangeville.com, Nov. 21, 2012:

Photo via Orangeville.com

“Melancthon isn’t destined to become a mining town, at least not anytime soon.

The Highland Companies dropped a bombshell, sending quarry opponents into a frenzy on Wednesday (Nov. 21), when the company declared it has withdrawn its application for a licence to mine 2,316 acres of land for limestone in Melancthon.

“They thought they could just blow into Melancthon,” exclaimed Carl Cosack, chair of the North Dufferin Agricultural Community Taskforce (NDACT). “You can’t force something on a community of this nature without having repercussions.” Continue reading


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