Michael Schmidt charged over sheep

From David E. Gumpert, on the Complete Patient blog:

“The 31 famous rare sheep suspected by Canadian public health authorities of harboring the feared scrapie disease have all been found, slaughtered, and tested free of disease.

But the affair of the missing Shropshire sheep–kidnappedearlier this year by a mystery group known as the  Farmers Peace Corps, opposed to the government agenda of summarily disposing of the rare sheep on suspicion of harboring a pathogen–is still alive for the  authorities. They are preparing to charge Ontario raw dairy farmer Michael Schmidt with serious crimes in the case, which involved relocating the sheep from the farm of Montana Jones. Schmidt took on the role of mediator between the government and its opponents, but the government clearly sees Schmidt as having been an important part of the sheep-relocation scheme. 

Yesterday, Schmidt wrote me that “Canadian Authorities have finally issued a warrant for my arrest. I have to surrender by Thursday (tomorrow) but will be released on a promise to appear in court on January 23. In order to face charges of conspiracy in regards to the lost sheep.”…”

Read more on the Complete Patient blog.

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