Karen Selick on the CFIA charges against Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones

From Karen Selick on The Justice Report:

Michael Schmidt (left) said: “Last picture before we peacefully surrendered to be arrested, fingerprinted and mugshot taken.” (via Facebook)

“On December 5, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued a press release announcing that charges had been laid against CCF clients Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt in relation to the disappearance of sheep from Montana’s quarantined farm. Here’s a link to the release.

Among other things, the CFIA states that it has “the full support of the Canadian sheep industry” to administer Canada’s Scrapie Eradication Program. This is false.

In a meeting between Montana Jones and four CFIA representatives held on November 15, 2011 (tape-recorded by Montana with the consent of everyone present), CFIA veterinarian Noel Harrington volunteered the information that whenever there is a highly publicized spike in scrapie cases, “…the next two years nobody wants to report a case because of the bad economics of that so all of a sudden you have two years of very few cases.”

In other words, farmers prefer to “shoot, shovel and shut up” rather than submit to the draconian requirements of the CFIA’s program after witnessing the program’s destructive effects on fellow farmers. Does that sound to you like the program has the “full support of the sheep industry”?

The CFIA’s repeated claim that it has the “full support of the sheep industry” has irked me ever since I first became involved in this case as Montana Jones’ lawyer, because I was hearing from farmers across the country who were saying the opposite. Therefore, in August, 2012, I sent an Access to Information request asking the CFIA to provide all documents in its possession indicating how it ascertained that it has such support. I also asked for documents that might indicate any dissension among sheep farmers….”

Read more on The Justice Report.


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4 responses to “Karen Selick on the CFIA charges against Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones

  1. Just the mention of the sycophants, and psychopaths that call themselves government, make me want to puke. These people make child molesters look honorable by comparison.

  2. the Bovine

    The story on Better Farming: http://www.betterfarming.com/online-news/charges-laid-missing-sheep-saga-11529

    Montana Jones’ commentary on Better Farming’s coverage of her story (from Facebook):

    “How is it that no matter which Better Farming “reporter” has written updates on the CFIA sheep saga over the last year, each is rife with errors? Where does the publication get the idea that “…OPP found 26 of the sheep on a Bruce County farm, along with 11 ewes.” Or the notion that the CFIA “seized items such as Jones’ computer and sheep related records from March 23 to Aug. 2” ? Investigate before writing conjecture! The CFIA in fact seized many personal possessions well outside the legal bounds of the terms and dates specified on the search warrant—this fact has already been made public—including private conversations with my late father days before he died, personal notes and letters from a decade ago, and more. Surely none of which could be relevant to their investigation. Where did Better Farming get the idea that “two sheep on her farm have been deemed scrapie-free”? Who said I was “once again struggling financially”? That never ceased. And most laughable is the constant quoting of other media’s errors repeated as fact. Since when is copy and paste an acceptable form of investigative journalism? Until now I’ve been open to answering reporters questions as best I can, but clearly it’s not just one or two that err in their fact checking—ALL Better Farming staff seem to make up their own stories. After perusing the site, the print version and the school yard shouting matches on various forums and boards…seems anything goes. Are they ALL honest errors or is “Better Farming” (and I use the term loosely) auditioning for the role as the National Enquirer of farm media?”

  3. Interesting to note that Better Farming has disabled comments on this article “for legal reasons”, which is pure fiction. They moderate comments on every other issue…this one is no different. I sent my comments and they will not publish them. One has to question how Better Farming publication fits into the corporate big ag scenario and why the editor and staff don’t wish to allow all perspectives of this case to be heard. Whose pulling their strings? Government…advertisers…? It seems apparent they’ve been biased from the start on this issue.

  4. Outright CFIA Lie or Sloppy Reporting?

    Or both? Better Farming magazine claims that Canadian Food Inspection Agency spokesperson Lisa Gauthier says in a Dec. 6 email that five of the 31 sheep that disappeared are still missing. The agency’s investigation continues, “including work to confirm what happened to the other five sheep,” she writes.
    This is a TOTAL FABRICATION. According to CFIA official documentation ALL of my sheep are accounted for and quite dead as of last September! Sheer, utter propaganda and fear mongering directed to the public and agricultural sector. Now why does CFIA want the public to believe there are 5 “potentially scrapie infected” sheep on the loose wreaking havoc with the Canadian sheep industry? The CFIA knows exactly what they did to all my healthy, rare heritage Shropshire sheep and they know they ALL tested negative for scrapie, as I knew they would.

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