Michael Schmidt responds to criminal charges in lost Shropshire sheep saga

Michael Schmidt responds:

Michael Schmidt, arrested over sheep disappearance.

On Tuesday December 4 the CFIA formally issued a warrant to arrest raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt and three others (Montana Jones, Robert Pinnell, and Suzan Atkinson) in connection with the mysterious disappearance of sheep destined to be killed by the CFIA under the scrapie eradication program.

A group calling themselves “Farmers Peace Corp” claimed responsibility and requested proper proof for the existence of scrapie in the sheep or an alternative to killing, in order to save the genetics of this rare breed.

Michael Schmidt has been acting as liaison for the Farmers Peace Corp and encouraged in a meeting with the CFIA an open dialogue and co-operation to preserve the dwindling heritage breeds.  Instead of dialogue the CFIA decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars into an investigation including raids at four different locations including Michael Schmidt’s residence and farm co-operative.

Michael Schmidt has been a political activist for the last 35 years and has been continuously warning about the growing dangers from uncontrollable bureaucrats and senseless over regulation. The senseless killing of the Shropshire sheep by the CFIA suggests that it was intended to demonstrate to Montana Jones, the owner of the sheep, and the rest of the world to not question Government policies or bureaucrats.

Michael Schmidt is currently in the process of retaining an experienced criminal and constitutional lawyer to fight all charges.

“This trial will be a political trial rather than a criminal matter,” says Michael. “Whatever the outcome will be, unless we are willing to stand up against injustice and fascistic bureaucracy, we will morally perish as cowards and leave our children nothing more than modern slavery.”

-The CFIA approved the feeding of dead rendered animals to cattle, which resulted in the BSE crisis.

-The CFIA had countless inspectors at Maple Leaf Meats approving Listeria contaminated meat, which killed over 25 people. No one got charged for voluntary manslaughter.

– The CFIA had over 40 inspectors at the XL meat plant in Alberta and did not detect E-Coli contaminated meat until the US border controls alarmed the CFIA.

Michael Schmidt will continue his fight against corporate controlled policy making and self-serving bureaucrats.



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5 responses to “Michael Schmidt responds to criminal charges in lost Shropshire sheep saga

  1. BC Food Security

    Where do we send donations for this new constitutional challenge ?
    Could the THE BOVINE post a “Paypal Donations Button” link ?

    • The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is negotiating with the lawyer Michael speaks of. We hope that donations will be able to be made through the CCF towards this defence. We will certain keep The Bovine informed.

  2. nedlud

    I have an extraordinary amount of respect for Michael Schmidt. I am with him, basically 100%. Unfortunately, the ‘new and improved’ world government future (and even the already existing present) appears to be a great deal like the old Terminator movie, with hunter-killer robots ‘taking out’ the resistance (us, the normal people, the ones with a sense of justice and fair play and desire for personal freedom); only without any stars, ie., actors playing ultimate hero roles, to save us. In the new real world, we will lose, are losing and have already lost.

    In a very real and ultimately, EXTREMELY TRAGIC sense, this has been what has been happening to us (again, the normal people) for centuries, as all indigenous and local community and family-based life is wiped out in favor of bureaucratic and highly technological and centralized government forms of control.

    I really don’t know what the answer is, except to fight back, fists against steel, until the last breath from our bodies is taken and we are no more. Which is what our true forebearers (tribal people, village people, primitives) did and who are now gone….

    Very sad.

    Very, very sad.


  3. Mary had a little lamb


    Follow the link to read about what charges were laid an and to who. Good luck to all in your coming fight!

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