Prop 37 (on GMO labeling) vote fraud?

From Food Democracy Now:

Right now the votes for Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods are still being counted. On Tuesday morning, Dec 4th, Prop 37 hit 6,004,628 voteson the California Secretary of State’s website, but this tally was quickly reversed within an hour of being publicized by Food Democracy Now!

Since November 6th, the vote count in California has been updated daily until December 4th, when the vote count hit 6 million for the first time. When contacted, the Secretary of State’s office stated there would be no further updates to the vote totals until Dec 14th when state law requires the election results to be certified. County elected officials only have until COB Dec 7th to submit final results so we need your help now!

At the same time, Food Democracy Now! has learned that a team of independent statisticians have detected “statistical anomalies” in the largest precincts of 9 counties, including Orange, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda and San Diego counties.

We find this news troubling and think it’s important that the Secretary of State’s office know that we are watching these developments closely and expect honest and fair election results.

Join us in standing up for open and transparent elections, it’s important that all votes be counted and any possible malfeasance is properly investigated by California election officials. Count all the ballots, be open and transparent, because we have the Right to Know! If you live in California, please call the Secretary of State’s Elections Division staff at (916) 657-2166 to tell them you expect Secretary Debra Bowen to continue to update the vote count until the election is certified on Dec 14th.”


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7 responses to “Prop 37 (on GMO labeling) vote fraud?

  1. No one should be surprised that the corporations that opposed this bill did whatever they needed to make sure is never passed. Unfortunately for them they got sloppy and now the inevitable blowback for their crimes will not only cause them huge financial losses but also jail time for those who participated in this fraud.

    • Never going to happen jmills616. A the very best they will give some low level moron a slap on the wrist.

      For absolutely sure, NONE of the underlying problems such as electronically counting the vote, or the USDA terror tactics will be addressed much less rectified. You are not going to fix anything working within the broken and bought and paid for, system.

  2. First of all let me state that I do not want democracy (Food Democracy Now) of any kind, anywhere for any reason. That being said, why has it taken so long to finally wake up to the fact that elections are fixed? They have been for a very long time, and on a grand scale ever since electronic voting machines have come into use.

    I think a more pertinent question than “was prop 37 fixed” (yes it was) would be why the hell are we voting for a right that we already have? ( i.e. To label food.) The sad fact is that the unconstitutional USDA is terrorizing companies into not labeling food containing GMO’s. Terrorizing them into not exercising a right that they already have.

    The real question should be whether or not we want a criminal, unconstitutional organization like the USDA to continue to exist?

    If we do not get rid of it, you can bet your life that this will not be the last tyranny that they hoist upon us.

    • Jayesper

      You sure you don’t mean FDA? USDA oversees mainly the NOP, correct? FDA seems more vile to people, maybe they aren’t giving USDA quite the focus they deserve.

      More than them though I would like the businesses razed, as more unlikely it may be. The main ones really shouldn’t even be around anymore.

      • InalienableWrights

        Both the USDA and FDA are a plague to the American people. They and about 90 other alphabet soup agencies are unconstitutional, do illegal things such as writing law on a daily basis. were ruled unconstitutional by the courts during FDR’s term.

        FDR however strong armed the courts and got them to reverse themselves, even though it is clearly apparent to anyone that they are unconstitutional, violate the law on many other levels, Lawlessness in government is not a new thing here in the US.

        Almost every one of the alphabet soup agencies is not authorized in the Constitution nor are they given the authority to regulate what they claim they have the right to regulate.. None of them have the right to create law as they are fond of doing. Only congress was delegated that authority.

  3. I think there is a conspiracy going with this sensitive topic about GMO labelling.

    • InalienableWrights

      In the real world many if not most things are conspiracies Ella. It would be strange indeed if issues where hundreds of millions of dollars were involved were not the subject of conspiracy by those affected.

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