“Milk trial by jury” – video of 2010 show

From Marianne Else. 

Note: Performance starts at 1:05 in video clip 5

Milk Trial by Jury 

Gordon Brunet — The Learned Judge,

Donna Ellen Trifunovich — Plaintiff — Dairy Farmers of Ontario,

Mitch Smolkin — Michael Schmidt — Defendant,

Ronald Jewell — Counsil for the Plaintiff,

Ron Fink – Usher,

Rudy Hartmann — Foreman of the Jury

Government Attorneys: Marie Eva Perreault, Freya Fehr, Connie Viljakainen, Kanine Ringenberg, Karen Saunders

The Jury: Bon Bainborough, Felicity Wilson, Elisa Vander Hout, Leora Wilson, Rob Josephson, David Cotterell

The Musicians: Violin – Roxie Toews and Kate Unrau, Viola – Martha Kaliniak, Flute – Vicky Blechta, Clarinet – Christine Carter, Horn – Katie Toksoy, Percussion – Michelle Hwu, Bass – Brian Baty, Oboe – Karen Ages, Bassoon – Jeff Bensham, Trumpet – Scott Harrison, Keyboard – Stan Cyprys

For the Production: Stage Director — Steven Morel, Musical Director — Michael Schmidt, Lighting Designer — David Gibbons, Stage Manager — John Patric Price, Set Designer, Production Manager and Board Operator– David Hoeksra, Follow Spot 1 — David Dwyer, Follow Spot 2 — Markus Schmidt

Marianne Else’s YouTube channel for raw milk related videos.

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