Further details on the Michael Schmidt sheep-napping “conspiracy” charges

From Scott Dunn in the Owen Sound Sun Times:

Michael Schmidt and son. Photo via Owen Sound Sun Times.

“DURHAM – Canada Food Inspection Agency officers seized electronic devices and stored data from raw milk activist Michael Schmidt’s Glencolton Farms Thursday as part of a federal investigation into the illegal removal of sheep that were under quarantine near Peterborough before they could be euthanized this spring.

CFIA issued a brief statement Friday confirming only that it executed search warrants “related to the ongoing investigation into the April 2nd removal of 31 sheep from a farm in Eastern Ontario, breaching a federal quarantine that was in place due to risk of a disease called scrapie.”

Schmidt acted as a spokesman for the so-far anonymous Farmers’ Peace Corp. earlier this year, after it took responsibility for taking the animals into “protective custody.”

He said in an interview Friday he received an anonymous request to do so, then corresponded over the Internet and never in person with the group. He said he doesn’t know the identity of its members.

Schmidt was an outspoken critic of the CFIA mandate to kill the animals even before the Farmers Peace Corp. approached him. He said an alternative to eradication of this heritage animal must be found.
“They think that I conspired, that I am spearheading the Farmers’ Peace Corp.,” he said.

“I am simply a liaison. I was approached by the Farmers’ Peace Corp . . . because I am so outspoken. . .”

Schmidt said the CFIA executed warrants in connection with his farm, a nearby farmhouse he rents out, as well as Linda “Montana” Jones, who owned the sheep in question, and a man Schmidt said is linked to the Chesley-area farm where some of the sheep were eventually found….”

More on the Sun Times.

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One response to “Further details on the Michael Schmidt sheep-napping “conspiracy” charges

  1. BC Food Security

    The nice thing about the Raw Milk issue is that we have hundreds of sane and working examples of alternatives (in other countries) to the current Canadian “experience”. Even just a few miles away and across the border from Canada raw milk flows easily, legally and in a relatively problem-free manner. Yet even in the face of an obvious injustice and lie the Canadian government and dairy boards are able to procrastinate and refuse to deal honestly or at all. And it may still take 2 or 5 years to turn this issue around and make it a just source of livelihood to all who want it .
    Unfortunately, I can not see or say the same thing for the Peterborough area sheep quarantine issue. Is there a sane alternative to what just happened elsewhere ? If yes , what is it and where is it ? Canada is simply not a leader in the world anymore . We need to follow others who blaze the trail before us. Of course , Canada is now also shackled by North American Trade agreements as well . This would have the effect of further decreasing our sovereignty and degree of freedom on the sheep issue. For example , the US Government could simply order the borders closed for all meat products for a few days and the government of Canada would immediately buckle from the economic pressure. I say this because I am not clear that the CFIA is the “root cause ” of the problem as much as they are the “visible hand or face ” of the current injustice.

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