Biodynamics and sacred agriculture

From Gayl Creutzberg on the Biodynamics blog:

“…I had a very personal experience at the Biodynamic Conference. Although I have gathered with BD farmers for over 10 years, I had never been able to capture the undercurrent, the pulse, the energy, or the understanding that is BD farming. I therefore remained detached.

A few weeks before attending the conference, I attended a BD 101 workshop at the farm of one of the conference speakers. Ah-hah! I get it! I acquired a basic understanding of the workings of BD. I learned about the importance of the cow, about intent, about silica, and about horn manure. This started to satisfy my scientific mind.

Then, at Dennis Klocek’s intensive on Thursday afternoon in Wisconsin, I was sent soaring into a whole new dimension. There was a man, the same age as my father, talking about biodyamics, cosmic rhythm, and the aurora borealis, the latter subject being what my father, as a physicist, had spent his entire career researching, but never with an awareness of the “something greater.” Perhaps it was my father’s innate quest for the sacred that lead him into researching such a phenomenon as the aurora borealis. Devoid of any exposure to the spiritual for most of my life, I stepped back in time, filling myself with what I have hungered for, for so long – the sacred and my desire to talk about these unseen things with my father, which was never possible. As Dennis Klocek presented, he became my father, telling me not only about the miraculous physical phenomena in our skies, but about working in harmony with the unseen order or interconnectedness of all things within a greater whole. Work becomes sacred when we are honoring the patterns, the cycles, and the rhythms of nature, he said, all of this being manifestations of cosmic rhythm on earth….”

Read more on the Biodynamics blog.

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