The low risk from raw milk

From the Canadian raw milk consumer advocacy group:

Dairy is the lowest risk of all these food categories.

“The unfortunate truth is that, no matter what we eat, all food has some inherent risk.  The question is of course, comparative risk.  At a conservative estimate, there are at least 10 million raw milk drinkers in the United States (no similar survey was done for Canada), based on a 2006 consumer survey (this estimate does not even take into consideration any increase over the last 7 years, and we all know that consumer demand has vastly increased).  But for these 10 million raw milk drinkers, we do not see thousands or millions of them dying each year. In fact, there have been two raw milk related deaths since 1997, and at least one of these two was actually linked to illegal raw queso fresco cheese….’

Same chart, more qualifying information.

Read more.


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3 responses to “The low risk from raw milk

  1. While its important that this information in made known, I was hoping for something new. Was this link suppose to take me to a news posted on Nov.11th, 2011? or is there any further information on this issue?

  2. D. Ford

    The issue with this data is that it tracks outbreaks, rather than sporadic illness. Legal consumers of raw milk due so from their own cows and outbreaks only occur where there is a distribution system.

    A table of raw mlik outbreaks can be found here:

    • pete

      I don’t know who compiled that list but its obviously biased. They padded the ‘raw milk outbreak’ list with a bunch of non-outbreaks, questionable cases, cheese ‘outbreaks’, recalls where no one got sick (which not only isn’t an outbreak but is a sign that the system is working), an international case, and outbreaks based on media reports (which often just regurgitate the false statements of authorities with a political agenda to shut down raw milk sales).

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