90 min “Moo Man” documentary about British raw milk farmer to premiere at prestigious Sundance Film Festival

From Steve Robson, in The Daily Mail UK:

Milking it: The film follows farmer Stephen Hook in his battle to keep his dairy business afloat. Photo by David McHugh. Caption and photo from The Daily Mail. The sign at the top of this picture is the only clue in this story that this farmer supplies “raw” milk.

“With the leading lady a 12-year-old cow called Ida and the story set against the backdrop of a Sussex dairy farm, it doesn’t scream ‘Oscar winner’.

But a documentary about maverick farmer Stephen Hook and his herd of 55 cows has won the hearts of the judges at Robert Redford’s prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

He and director Andy Heathcote are set to rub shoulders with Hollywood A-listers after The Moon Man was chosen to represent Britain at this year’s competition in Park City, Utah.

The real-life drama charts Stephen Hook’s fight to keep his rural business afloat amid a constant battle with big supermarkets.

But it is his relationship with his herd, in particular Ida the Friesian cow, which steals the show.

The Moo Man will be pitched against rival offerings including Pussy Riot, a study of the three women whose struggles gained worldwide notoriety as they were jailed in Russia for their riotous performance in a Moscow cathedral.

Action: The film is being entered into the World Cinema category alongside other documentaries such as Pussy Riot, a study of the Russian protest band who were jailed for for a performance at Moscow cathedral

Leading man and farmer Mr Hook has no doubts his herd of cows will tug at the heart strings and make the surprise UK entry a huge hit with critics at the international festival in Utah.

He said: ‘I think it’s a wonderful, laugh-out-loud film but I can’t quite believe it has been selected to star at such a major festival. My life is as far from Pussy Riot as it’s possible to get.

‘So far The Moo Man has only been shown at a private viewing to 100 family and friends at a small cinema in Hailsham near the farm. But both the adults and kids seemed to love it….”

Read more in The Daily Mail.



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2 responses to “90 min “Moo Man” documentary about British raw milk farmer to premiere at prestigious Sundance Film Festival

  1. D. Smith

    Looking at the comments section at the original article from the Daily Mail, you can see how people still don’t understand the relationship between animals and the food chain. How sad that they just don’t get it.

  2. Yes, I agree with D.Smith. There seems to be a real disconnect. But that is these kinds of documentaries are crucial.

    Unrelated, but along the same lines:
    There was a Korean film that I watched that was actually pretty amazing; it was the story of a farmer and his wife and his treasured work ox, called “old partner.” The most amazing part is really understanding how important the farm animals are to the farmer, in this case, the impoverished farmer… to the extend that he and his wife are going without food to support the ox. Of course there are other themes, but the plight of the farmer is ever present. More light needs to be shown on these people.

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