Michael Schmidt, on the CFIA’s investigatory zeal over lost Shropshire sheep

Documents disclosed to Michael Schmidt by the Crown, regarding charges he is facing from the CFIA, relating to the Shropshire sheep-napping saga. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

14 inches and counting.

The waking of the angry giant…..

How the CFIA is wasting unlimited resources funded by taxpayers in the sheep-napping investigation.

It is fascinating how apparently a very simple act of civil disobedience has unleashed an investigation worthy of searching for a mass murderer or a drug cartel.

I managed to have a look at the first round of disclosure material submitted to us, the four accused after the first court appearance in Coburg last week.

I measured the stack at 14 inches per accused. This will until trial I assume accumulate to easily over ten feet, may be even more.

I am also currently putting a list together of the bureaucrats we know about, who are and have been involved in the entire Shropshire affair.

This will give us a better understanding how job security for bureaucrats is implemented.

It appears to be a very very serious situation because bureaucrats got fleeced.

Rule Nr.1   You do not challenge the authority of bureaucrats

Rule Nr 2.  You do not question the expertise of bureaucrats

Rule Nr 3.   Be complacent and shut up

Montana Jones apparently did not follow these rules, because she looked at this situation from the angle of protecting valuable genetic diversity here in Canada.

In the last 2 months I received several phone calls from across the country with painful stories of real people who’s life and work had been destroyed by ruthless unaccountable CFIA agents.

One former CFIA boss publicly even wrote, that we should be afraid, very afraid of the CFIA because they have unlimited power without Parliamentary oversight and accountability. See Bovine article Jan 3. 2013

On the CFIA record: XL foods under the control and inspection of the CFIA ships e-coli contaminated meat across the world and across the country.

On the CFIA record: Maple Leaf foods has killed over 20 people with Listeria laced meat under the inspection control and supervision of the CFIA.

No charges have ever been laid, no fines as far as we know have been imposed, but hundreds of small butcher shops had to close as a result of new regulations implemented and based on failures of the corporate food sector.

The company who’s products killed over 20 people has since increased dramatically it’s income and profits because many small butcher-shops could not implement regulations based on corporate food production and died. Bureaucrats and Government ignored the small scale neighborhood butcher with no capital to implement those new food safety measures.

When ever this Shropshire sheep trial will go ahead it will become clear to the public that at the end the CFIA will be the one on trial for ruthlessly following their own agenda to eliminate genetic diversity and actively support the implementation of the corporate GMO insanity.

Ending up in jail is a small and worthwhile price to pay for trying to save rare genetics, demand accountability and dialogue.

After all, it was not the FARMERS UNDERGROUND ARMY who declared war, it was the FARMERS PEACE CORP who asked for dialogue.

This indeed requires a serious and aggressive response because dialogue is a sign of weakness for those who dream of total control.

The CFIA mentality of  killing instead of preserving our genetic diversity has become a painful legacy in this age of complacency.

The Giant has woken up.

Let’s face the dragon.



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6 responses to “Michael Schmidt, on the CFIA’s investigatory zeal over lost Shropshire sheep

  1. Again we have to face CORRUPTION in government and their unlimited financial and manpower to go after the small producer.. This will end when the good citizens of Canada take heed to CACL and their pro humanity program. Canadian Anti Corruption League is the only organization that is fighting this Canadian corruption with the message that gets through. CACL supports everything in (thebovine) press. Take action and get involved any way you can. CACL needs good honest and conscientious Canadians to get involved. Control of authorities is now more than mandatory, it is for our survival as a free society. Yes we need laws but not draconian authoritative and unaccountable agencies with nothing but their cushy jobs to protect. Get involved. NOW

  2. Sylvia

    Everybody I know so far does compare this whole situation with the Regime of Hitler. Lets also not forget, the Nazis lost and Germany was at ground zero. Working together and putting this (evil) food agency on the line, will just yield to the same outcome, sooner or (hopefully not) later.
    Stay together

  3. Exonaut

    Being someone who worked for the newswire service that CFIA uses, I’d say that it wasn’t Maple Leaf Foods that killed 20 people with listeria contamination… It was the CFIA who didn’t issue the food recall notice soon enough. The notice was sent to the newswire service at like 3am on a Saturday. According to the email-chain, the contact had received it late Thursday. They sat on it!

    I know this, because I was working on-call when that notice was forwarded to the newswire service. It was my responsibility to reformat the document for the newswires and then send it out.

    And that was not an isolated incident. CFIA reps would almost always send notices for newswire distribution late at night. No accountability at all.

    • Karen Selick

      Exonaut, this is important information that deserves a wider audience than just the readers of The Bovine. Please contact me privately to discuss this further. Kselick (at) Canadianconstitutionfoundation (dot) ca.

  4. Richard Adam

    Fraud and corruption are now the buisness model adopted by Government and the Corporate world.

  5. BCFoodSecurity

    This is an important battle . The trouble with wars is that there are no energy or resources leftover for envisioning something better. All our energy , time and money is being spent on fighting “what we do not like about the CFIA”. No energy ,research or time is invested in proposing an alternative. So what will typically happen ? The universe abhors a vacuum right ? So if enough of us clamour that the government should “do something ” , the Harper government will finally make a “concession” and hire some ex-bureaucrats or ex-politicians or lawyer or worse ex-Monsanto managers to commission a study . He will pay them $5 million to do that . Out of the 5 million dollars, the ex-bureaucrats will hire some grad students from ,say , the University of Guelph for 50 000$ to commission some studies (leaving the ex-bureaucrats/politicians to pocket the remaining $4.95 million dollars for themselves ) and write a report for them anonymously.
    The grad students will be told what the conclusions are supposed to be before they do the report ! Then after 6 months or a year , when the public has long forgotten about the issue and moved onto something else, the ex-bureaucrats will publish a report in their name only of course.
    What will the report say ? It may reshuffle some functions of the CFIA to some other departments . Or maybe it will recommend a name change for the CFIA ! That is always an innovative thing to do right ? Some minor and superficial policy changes will take place as a sop to activists and then it will be back to business as usual .

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