Raw milk rally at the B.C. legislature

Video from Christian Tatonetti on Youtube: 

Although this documentary was not posted until March 2012, it was originally shot during the raw milk demonstration at the B.C. Legislature (in Victoria, B.C.) on Nov 23 2011, which was the fifth anniversary of the November 2006 raid on Michael Schmidt’s farm in Durham, Ontario. Other demonstrations were held across Canada on that day including events in Toronto, Ottawa and Saskatchewan.

On his Youtube page, the maker says: 

“Documentary I made for my friends at EcoReality and for all the people who fight for the right to share food in its most nutritious and healthy form!”

Thanks to the Canadian Raw Milk Advocacy Group for bringing this to our attention through posting it on their blog.

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One response to “Raw milk rally at the B.C. legislature

  1. Outstanding ! This video is also an amazing teaching aid for new and old activists. As it is live in front of a provincial legislature. Hard work wins hearts where minds otherwise sleep. So much dedication to put on such a brilliant and bold production . Thank you http://www.ecoreality.org for putting your lives on the line for truth and the greater good !

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