Michael Schmidt in B.C. re charges

Michael Schmidt was to appear in B.C. court to face contempt charges, along with fellow raw milk advocate Gordon Watson, Feb 13 – 15th. As yet we’ve had no report on the outcome of those court proceedings. However the story excepted below has appeared in The Urban Diner. It’s by Fernando Medrano:

MIchael Schmidt addresses a group in B.C. during his visit there this past week. Photo via The Urban Diner.

“It’s after-hours at Woodland Smokehouse on Commercial Drive, the setting of a small gathering of people here to meet Ontario’s Michael Schmidt, Canada’s most visible advocate of the burgeoning raw milk movement.

They’ve come to listen to his story and to help raise funds for his ongoing legal battles to legitimize the sale and distribution of raw-milk from small cow-share farms. Schmidt is in BC to attend a BC Supreme Court hearing to face milk-related contempt of court charges.

He is accompanied by Chilliwack cow farmer Alice Jongerden, who has been burdened with legal skirmishes surrounding her own efforts to distribute raw milk from her own cow-share Home on the Range…”

Read more in The Urban Diner.

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