Big dairy lobbies for aspartame in milk; that’s one more reason to drink it raw

From the Activist Post:

“Two powerful dairy organizations, The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to be added to milk and other dairy products without a label.

The FDA currently allows the dairy industry to use “nutritive sweeteners” including sugar and high fructose corn syrup in many of their products. Nutritive sweeteners are defined as sweeteners with calories.

This petition officially seeks to amend the standard of identification for milk, cream, and 17 other dairy products like yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and others to provide for the use of any “safe and suitable sweetener” on the market….”

More on the Activist Post.


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6 responses to “Big dairy lobbies for aspartame in milk; that’s one more reason to drink it raw

  1. Cynthia Self

    Aspartane causes my tongue to go numb and closes my throat. What the FDA may prove safe for some, is not safe for all. I see lawsuits against milk companies……

  2. Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    Milk, with ASPARTAME, without any mention on the label? That’s Un-American!

  3. thebovine

    As if milk wasn’t already a processed food…. I guess they must have heard how people rave about the “taste” of raw milk, and they figure this is a way they can make the pasteurized stuff competitive, taste-wise.

  4. D.

    They can doll up their white water any way they want, but quite a few people are finally catching on to the fact that there’s no nutritive value in pasteurized milk(s). Adding sweetner to it isn’t going to help. Not to tip them off, but adding real sugar would be better because real sugar isn’t as bad for you as the artificial crap. What I DON’T understand is why they want to add sweetner in the first place? People don’t expect milk to be sweet like pop or juice. The word “sweet” when talking about milk used to mean fresh or whole, not sugary sweet. I don’t think even the big dairy doods understand that, do you? They’ve misinterpreted the meaning of sweet milk.

    Processed milks like almond or soy are even worse. What makes people think milk in a box is good for them? Homemade almond milk is good, but not the stuff in a box from a grocery store. It’s processed – apparently a word many don’t understand.

    I wouldn’t touch soy milk if they sold it in solid gold containers.

    • Lucinda Milligan

      Sorry but Monsanto doesn’t have a patent on real sugar, they can only “fabricate” God’s gifts to us. So aspartame it shall be.

      I agree that anything processed other than cooking it in your own kitchen, is not healthy. I am a dairy farmer and I am very angry about this aspartame decision. Fortunately for my family, we have grass fed, high quality raw milk in our house.

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