“Carry On Milking” — devotees of the raw white stuff will not be cowed

From Joe Shute in The Telegraph:

Hey Joe, where you going with that milk in your hand? From the Telegraph’s original caption — Joe Shute is not convinced by the taste of raw milk at Borough Market Photo: Rii Schroer

“Lunchtime at London’s Borough Market. And, for somebody flogging a product marked with a government health warning, Tony “the raw milkman” is doing a roaring trade.

“That milk there is fresh from last night,” he tells me in between customers. “And you are buying it straight in central London. It is 12- to 18-hours-old. It is creamy, but not fatty. It is proper stuff that you can actually taste.”

The stuff in question has caused quite a stir.

Tony works for Hook and Son, an East Sussex dairy farm, featured in The Daily Telegraph last week because of its new-found fame as the subject of an acclaimed documentary, The Moo-Man. Its owners have turned their backs on the supermarkets to produce unpasteurised, unhomogenised raw milk. But the farm is now being taken to court, along with Selfridges, by the Government’s food watchdog, for selling the milk at the London department store.

With a court date set for early next month, the farm says it is determined to fight the charge. Food Standards Agency (FSA) guidelines say it is legal for farmers to sell raw milk either direct from the farm gate – or at farmers’ markets such as Borough – but retailers cannot sell it….”

Read more in The Telegraph.

From a followup letter to the editor from Graham Smith:

“Untreated milk has a higher nutritional value than pasteurised milk as vitamins of the B-complex are destroyed by heat treatment. The anti-microbial proteins in raw milk protect against infection, but these are curtailed by pasteurisation. Other proteins are also denatured.

Pasteurised milk is also less digestible than raw milk. Milk sugar, lactose, is changed to beta-lactose by pasteurisation, causing faster absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Pasteurised milk can also lead to an atopic allergy to milk and milk products by affecting B-lactoglobulin….”


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6 responses to ““Carry On Milking” — devotees of the raw white stuff will not be cowed

  1. thebovine

    “And, for somebody flogging a product marked with a government health warning, Tony “the raw milkman” is doing a roaring trade.” These days, there’s no endorsement as strong as a government health warning! It’s like that old chestnut about how you can’t believe a news story until it’s been officially denied.

  2. SA

    Milk is milk, we wouldn’t dream of babies drinking anything but raw non-pasteurized mother’s milk.

  3. The Brits love their servitude way too much. They are far down the slippery slope of liberty lost.

  4. Sadly, the comments page on Joe Shute’s article is now closed, so I cannot post a reply on that page. But it is clear from the comments by the ‘anti-raw’ brigade that they are totally disconnected from their food. Hypnotised by the glitzy lure of cleverly packaged industrialised processed foods (and yes, that includes pasteurised milk), these misguided urbanised consumers have no understanding of the fact that non-industrialised foods got the human race to where it is today, and the industrialisation of our food supply over the last century has brought our species to its knees – sick, cancerous, obese and mentally deranged.

    Such people have no understanding of how ‘dirty’ the process of centralised milk supply is – Big Dairy has to pasteurise just to protect itself! And even then it doesn’t always work. There are more cases of illness from commodity milk than from clean raw milk. Basically, our industrial food system is a sure-fire profit machine for those few corporations that control it, and any attempt by small-scale farmers to provide people with healthy nutritious food is jumped on hard – because Big Ag knows that once people get wind of the problems of processed food they will quickly seek the ‘real’ alternative. And Big Ag literally can’t afford that.

    As for Joe Shute saying that real milk tastes ‘agricultural,’ I say that clearly demonstrates the point I am making about disconnection.

    • John

      It is interesting how our perspectives vary. From some video footage of the Hook farm, I got the impression it resembled a typical British dairy farm. Therefore, I cannot understand paying 3 pounds for 2 pints when essentially the same milk (whole, organic) is sold at Tesco for 1.09 pounds for 2 pints. Farm gate price for bulk raw milk is around 0.70 pounds per 2 pints (organic).

  5. Tom Gandey

    If you are in Central London (or Somerset), you can buy Hurdlebrook’s Raw Whole Guernsey Milk for £1.85 per quart at various farmers markets and taste the quality difference. Hook and Son? Industrial trash trying to profit from hippies and hipsters alike.

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