Where to find more raw milk news

If you’re looking to keep tabs on what’s going down in the world of raw milk, you need to read more than just The Bovine, where we try to focus on the Canadian scene, and in particular, the Michael Schmidt story.

Probably the world’s best source for up to minute breaking news and commentary on raw milk developments in America has got to be David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog. In case you missed it, David has written the book on raw milk. Well, one of them at least. Probably the most recent book, and perhaps the only book on raw milk that addresses the food rights, as well as the health issues involved. It’s called “The Raw Milk Revolution“. Before he got involved with raw milk, David was a business writer. David’s Jewish background has sensitized him to the early warning signs of tyranny. Here’s an excellent example, from David’s latest post:

“….More ominously, the FDA has determined that its fear mongering about the dangers of raw milk aren’t working, so it is moving to a different level of battle. If it was using rifles and hand grenades before, it might now be seen as resorting to chemical weapons.

As a Jew, maybe I’m more sensitive to canards that some others. Throughout history in the Middle East and Europe, canards about Jews have been used to foment deadly attacks. In Russia and Poland, a popular canard was that Jews had killed Jesus, and must be punished…again, and again. The Nazis used the canard that the Jews were robbing Germany of its wealth to justify attacks on Jews that escalated into mass murder.

In the U.S., canards were long used against blacks. A popular one was that black men lusted after white women, and fabricated accusations were used again and again to justify lynchings.

You see, a canard is a way to dehumanize one group, and set it up as a scapegoat for the majority. …”  More on that here.

Although David doesn’t post that frequently, the discussion in the comment section of his blog is ongoing, and attracts major players and serious experts such as California raw dairyman and activist Mark McAfee.

In other raw milk Canadian news sources, the Canadian  Consumer Raw Milk Advocacy Group blog has featured a number of worthwhile posts recently. Such as this piece, by that other “black sheep” of BC raw milk, Gordon Watson, in which he gives his take on last month’s courtroom drama in Vancouver:

“In cross-examination in the Supreme Court of British Columbia I challenged this official to produce one single case of someone proven to have been made sick from drinking raw milk, during his 33 years on the job in the Fraser Valley.   He admitted he couldn’t.

Insp. Rice was very ill at ease on the witness stand. Realizing how ridiculous his answer came off, against the fear-mongering perpetrated against our private dairy for the last 5 years,  he started to expand on the notion that ‘there were lots of instances in other jurisdictions’.

Being ‘in full-on prosecutorial mode’,  I was delighted by his mistake so pressed-in. Fraser Health’s lawyer realized that if I were allowed to continue, her witness was going to look more foolish still. So she stood up and rescued him with the excuse  ‘he`s not an expert.’  Having one of the officials whom the dairy cartel uses as the mainstay of their propaganda,  go to pieces under scrutiny,  was a delicious moment.

I remind all concerned about what was said in December of 2009,  when Fraser Health/ Vancouver Health dumped hundreds of gallons of raw milk from our private dairy down the sewer, on the pretext that it was ‘not fit for human consumption.’  Then, the Chief Medical Health officer got up on his hind legs on TV, braying that there were `many, many many many instances` of people getting sick from raw milk in BC. ( Direct quote ; 4 `many“s). But later, when I demanded he substantiate that claim, Perry Kendall begged-off, saying that he had no such evidence,  but that ‘there were lots in other jurisdictions.’….”

Read more of that here.

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  1. Thank you for all your work in posting related links and so forth about milk and associated issues. It has been a wonderful resource and way to keep up to date with the happenings. I hope that you can continue to find the way to make the time to do such a great task. I suspect it takes some dedication and skill to be vigilent and still be fair.
    great work, thanks again

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