Vernon Herschberger goes to court over religious freedom defense for raw milk

Photos and captions by Rosanne Lindsay. Update from Vernon Herschberger via Liz Reitzig.

Pre-Trial Hearing on Right to Use Religous Freedom Defense — at Sauk County Courthouse.

Vernon Herschberger was in court Monday to address issues related to his ongoing case regarding supplying raw milk under private contract to informed individuals. The DACTP has issues with that, and so we get into lawyers and court cases. See David Gumpert’s article for a good analysis of these minutae.

Before the Pre-trial Hearing with Vernon Hershberger, and Counsels Elizabeth G. Rich. Amy M. Salberg (missing is Glenn Reynolds, lead counsel) — at Sauk County Courthouse.

Update from Vernon: WOW!! There were over a hundred members and supporters who drove through the blizzard conditions to stand with us in the Courtroom today [Monday]! That was a phenomenal turn out considering the weather conditions. Thank you very much to whoever braved the snow and the wind to be there! And also a great Thank you to all the people who were supporting us in many different ways, like donations, prayers, etc. We appreciate it very much!

State DOJ district attorney, asst. district attorney and counsel. Turning their backs on justice?

The Lawyers and I thought it went very well today. The Judge was great! I especially liked when he called for a 10 minute break and asked us for Scripture references for what we are bringing up. It was probably the very first Bible study ever to be held in a Sauk County courtroom! I was very glad to have some assistance from Att. Amy Solberg, my dad, and a few other members and friends that happened to be there.

Brief recess: Vernon and father consulting with Counsel (Elizabeth Rich and Glenn Reynolds) responding to Judge’s request for additional specific Bible verses to use as tenants of law.

The Judge did not make a ruling today on any issue but wants some clarification on the conclusive argument of whether the initial holding order was subject to appeal according to the Statutes. Each side will be able to file a Brief explaining their view of the Statutes. We scheduled a teleconference hearing for the Judge to give an oral ruling on the issue on April 22.

Recess in court — at Sauk County Courthouse.

The Remaining Court Appearances that are scheduled as of now are as follows;

May 7th Final Pre- trial Hearing 1:30 pm

May 20th thru 24th Week long Trial 8:30 every morning

Again, Thank you all very much for anything you are doing to support us. May the Lord Bless you all!!!

Vernon and Erma’s daughters — at Sauk County Courthouse.


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2 responses to “Vernon Herschberger goes to court over religious freedom defense for raw milk

  1. Rosanne Lindsay

    Note: This is more or less a summary report, as requested. Not a story. – Rosanne Lindsay

  2. thebovine

    David Gumpert has the full exegesis on this case. He has been following it since day 1, of course, and brings to it the perspective of all that’s been going down in America’s war on raw milk:

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