Raw milk on Daytime TV in Ottawa

Thanks to the Canadian Raw Milk Consumer Advocacy Group for publishing this first. Here’s a bit about who they are, from their blog:

“We are a group of Canadian consumers working to regain the legal right to provide our families with clean, healthy raw milk and its various products.  A provision can be made under the current law for an agreement between farmer and consumer that does not in any way “endanger” the public.  It is done successfully elsewhere and can be done here if Canadian raw milk consumers will band together and have a united voice with government.  Raw milk is being consumed legally in many other countries and yet our government claims it is a dangerous substance. Our antiquated laws can and should be modified so that consumers do not need to own a farm in order to access raw milk openly.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

Are you a raw milk consumer or farmer? Do you want to learn about raw milk? Do you want to find a source of raw milk for yourself or your family? Are you interested in the issues? Join our community forumHelp us collect Canadian information about raw milk and join in discussions related to access to raw milk. We welcome input from consumers and farmers with a desire to help!”

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One response to “Raw milk on Daytime TV in Ottawa

  1. Carol

    What ever you do, if you are going to post you must always agree with their opinion on unpasteurized milk, its handling and distribution etc or you will be seen as a “mole” and they will go to Facebook and say all kinds of derogatory things about you. However, it was enlightening to see this played out.
    I am sorry you see me as antagonist and adversarial rather then someone who has a differing opinion. It is only common sense that someone whose entire life has been involved with milk and farming may look at things different than someone who has been drinking unpasteurized milk for about 3 years and has no farming experience. I am not saying the latter is a bad thing but that it is understandable that we may look at things differently.

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