Criminal code exemptions for online gambling, so why not for raw milk?

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“All the noise around a Toronto casino has served to distract attention from OLG’s efforts to get into the arguably even more lucrative online gaming biz. A request for proposals was issued in February 2012.

Online gaming is technically illegal in Canada, but exemptions can be granted under the Criminal Code. BC, Quebec and provinces on the East Coast run their own sites. An estimated $1 billion is spent on online gaming in Canada, about half of that from Ontario. Potential revenues from the international market look like salvation for casino operators losing money hand over fist. Some, among them major players vying for a Toronto casino (here’s looking at you, Caesars), are betting heavily on the recent legalization of online gambling in New Jersey (yes, home of the money-losing Atlantic City casino strip) to save their bottom line.

Let that be a lesson to T.O., where casino interests have bought themselves a little more time. The city manager’s report scheduled to go to the mayor’s executive committee Wednesday (March 20) – the report that was supposed to tell us what a financial windfall a casino would be – won’t be ready for another month. The reasons for that are unclear….”

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So, exemptions can be granted under the criminal code for online gambling, so how about for raw milk?

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