Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt, Shropshire sheep napping case to be tried in the summer and fall of 2013

From Cecilia Nasmith, on Northumberland

Montana Jones with a few of her Shropshire sheep on her farm near Hastings. Photo Mark Hoult/Community Press/QMI Agency

“COBOURG – Justice Robert Graydon pledged that the four defendants in the April 2012 case involving missing Shropshire sheep will be tried with dispatch, even if it means he has to work on a Saturday.

Charges against the accused in this incident appeared in Cobourg Provincial Court March 27, collectively facing a list of 25 charges that included conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, obstructing a peace officer, obstructing justice and obstructing the Health of Animals Act. 

The accused are 58-year-old Michael Schmidt, 52-year-old Suzanne Atkinson, 46-year-old Robert Pinnell and 54-year-old Linda F. Jones.

The charges relate to the disappearance of 31 rare Shropshire sheep that had been slated for slaughter by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the suspicion of having a disease called scrapie. They disappeared from Jones’ barn however, before the agency could collect them. Agency representatives instead found a note saying the sheep had been taken into protective custody. It was signed by a group called the Farmers Peace Corps.

The sheep ultimately tested negative for the illness.

Ambrose did not have to appear in person, as she has signed a counsel designation to be represented by Richard Aiken. It is expected that Schmidt and Jones will be represented by Chris Schafer but, as yet, no formal council designation has been signed. Pinnell has not yet made a decision.

Justice Graydon asked that all accused make their decisions and sign counsel designations by the return date of May 15.

Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation was told that the Crown attorney is laying two additional charges against Jones and that a new batch of evidence was to be handed over….”

More on Northumberland Today.


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3 responses to “Montana Jones, Michael Schmidt, Shropshire sheep napping case to be tried in the summer and fall of 2013

  1. BC Food Security

    You mean even if the honourable taxpayer has to pay double time wages so that the honourable judge also works on Saturday for this case ?

    • FOOD is GOOD

      Actually it’s double time and a half and that’s based on a highly inflated salary to begin with. Have you seen how much these folk are paid? It’s absurd!

      • BC Food Security

        I wonder what would happen if we partly followed the Cuban Model and anybody who worked for the public sector had a salary cap of $50 000 ? Would the sky fall in ? Would the world come to an end ? I am not saying Cuba is perfect or free of corruption but I read that doctors there earn basic wages. Does one become a doctor or judge to help people or society or so that one can play golf 4 days a week while working the other 3 days ? The legal system , despite the high wages, seems to only further incentivize greed. Little is learned from these expensive court cases, in terms of societal betterment, and things are just endless stonewalled at enormous legal and public expense.

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