Why today’s politicians don’t matter

Embattled raw milk advocate and accused sheep-napper Michael Schmidt breaks radio silence with a missive to readers of The Bovine:

Bert Jongerden, Alice Jongerden, Mark McAfee at the little Chilliwack dairy in British Columbia. Mark is likely there for tomorrow’s “Fresh Milk, Food Rights” conference in Vancouver.

Having been through enough court proceedings where material from the Bovine has been submitted as evidence, I am honored to pretend once again, that I am the one this time, who is writing another piece for all my friends out there who are currently plotting another action to stop those freedom renegades and food freedom advocates.

I mean I write this for those who seem to enjoy their time in bed with those who support corporate corruption and the destructive exploitation of human lives and the natural resources we are all supposed to be blessed with.

Who am I anyhow to say this?

I have lost my passport — it has been confiscated by the C(F)IA, I have lost my right to communicate to certain people and I am closely watched and under surveillance.

I have gained the status of being  a ” Safety Concern” for, for– for, yes, for whom????????.

But let’s back up and reflect.

There is a lot of discussion out there trying to describe our current Canadian state of affairs;

Some say it is Communism

Some say it is Socialism

Some say it is Fascism

Some say it is bureaucratic Anarchy

Some say it is insanity

Some say it is crazy

Some say it is what it is

Some still say; we are the best country in the world

I guess it describes very well the confusion and mental state of our society at large. But it also reflects on the diversity of views and perceptions people have.

In the meantime we try to elect politicians to act on our behalf.

(We are only getting graciously granted the opportunity to pretend that we have a say in the political process, nothing else.)

I do think that “assuming the worst and hoping for the best” is not a bad road to take right now and in the near future.

All the crucial information about our state of affairs is out there and easily accessible for most of us, allowing us to come to the devastating conclusion that we have lost control over our daily life, what we eat, what we do, how we interact and how to conduct our business.

We have given up our rights in exchange for convenience and an illusionary protection governed by complacency and pure laziness, rooted in our culture of entitlement.

Hopeless, so it seems, considering the circumstances.

Strangely enough the more the rope around our neck tightens the more hope I have, that people will wake up.

The steady establishment of a ruling class of well paid self serving civil servants with sweeping powers and no oversight is the result of a political culture of laziness. In fact politicians like addicts keep proposing and passing new laws in order to justify their importance.

My proposal for today is; do not elect anybody who is not promising to start dismantling the insanity of regulations as well as non-Government agencies with unlimited policing powers and no requirement for accountability.

I am done with politicians.

We have no politicians.

We have a political cancer which is destroying our fundamental right to liberty and justice.

Remember, until the civil servants take your passport you are not deemed a threat.

It is only when they threaten you with jail, that you know that finally they have begun to take you seriously.

— Michael Schmidt



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4 responses to “Why today’s politicians don’t matter

  1. Tired of thumbing at the law

    Its about time, if I broke the law whether it is right or not, I’d be in jail and/or fined. If he is found inoccent then his right to travel will be restored. After all these years or thumbing his nose at the law, finally he is being punished. Denying him the right to travel I think is a punishment that he hates because it gets no media attention. If he wins this fight of food rights he will join another cause. He has become a media junky. My point is whether or not you believe in food rights, that he appears to lead the fight for, if he breaks laws then he should be fined and/or jailed. If he wants to consume his own milk & meat, no one is stopping him. It is the fact that he wants to sell it by creative ways going around the rules. He probabley would have got away with the sheep deal also if he had paid the trucker that moved the sheep. Its my understanding that what set the wheels in motion. It is the reason he makes more money on his meat and milk is because he breaks the law. When he won the original case and was celebrating he then came out with the grass fed angle because he soon realized he would have to compete against other farmers. If the law changes for food right, then he will no longer have a monopoly.

    • Beverley Viljakainen

      How I wish that people who think this way would come a little closer, with an open mind, and get to know the real person/people as well as the actual facts behind what is at issue here . . .


      My concern (not criticism) for Brother Michael is the opposite. I wish he could leverage , at least , 20% of his celebrity status to make a lot of money the way Celebrity Speakers and teachers typically do in the US . What is money ? Money is energy. And energy can be used to do good or evil .Teaching people about the sacredness of raw milk is not a scam my friend . It is an important humanitarian service whether or not some government, marketing board or corporation of the day views it as some kind of competitive threat. Let us talk about that ! Every human being has a personal life with its “ups and downs” . You are missing out on a valuable teaching here if you misjudge the sacred and life-giving properties of organic raw milk from ,yes, grass-fed cows all because you judge that somebody is not conforming enough to your ideal (and everybody else’s nightmare ! ) of bureaucratic so-called “standards” or norms.

  2. The problem is our system of representative democracy. Power in the hands of a few elected representatives eventually corrupts.

    What we need to do is migrate to a system of direct democracy. A good example of this is The Recall And Initiative Act of British Columbia where the electorate voted out the HST and restored their provincial sales tax.

    I wonder why no other province is proposing to enact direct democracy legislation.

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