Video interviews with Fresh Milk Food Politics conference speakers


These interviews are from the April 6th Fresh Milk Food Politics conference in Vancouver BC. The interviews are by Kari Simpson of Road Kill

Michael Schmidt

Nadine Ijaz

Other interviews with lawyers Jason Gratl and Karen Selick, as well as with Home on the Range agister Alice Jongerden, plus Mark McAfee and Jackie Ingram. Follow link below to watch these as well.

More interviews on Fresh Milk Food Politics


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4 responses to “Video interviews with Fresh Milk Food Politics conference speakers

  1. Raoul

    I am thoroughly enjoying these short videos.

    Kari Simpson, CEO of ‘Works of Wonder’ MultiMedia Corp.’ of has done an outstanding job of interviewing these speakers from the conference and capturing the pure essence of that paradigm-shifting event .

  2. Rick Adam

    Why the chatter and piano it makes the interview incomprehensible..

  3. George Wright

    I really wanted to hear these interviews but unfortunately the interviewer talks more than the person she’s interviewing. Let the person you are interviewing talk more than you, it is them we want to hear.

  4. aj

    Well done Michael. Well Done. Oh, how I hope that your years of effort and the effort of others will come to completion soon. It has been such a long hard fight and uphill all the way.

    You are right one of the biggest problems is the complacency of the people in theis nation.

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