Alice Jongerden — milk fast day 16

Alice Jongerden, former agister of BC’s Chilliwack based “Home on the Range” cowshare, started on a raw milk “fast” a couple weeks ago. So how’s it going?

Alice Jongerden. photo by Shannon Mendes,

For all of you who are wondering…yes I am still on my milk fast.   Whatever happened to blogging daily… Well, Day 16.  I am still feeling just as wonderful today, as I did at day 4.  I am enjoying the balanced energy I have.  No afternoon lags, yeah. 

I have had a few people mention to me that I could add coconut oil to lose weight quicker, so here are my thoughts on that.  First, I am all about Milk these days.  REAL MILK!  Fresh, raw, unpasturized, from our cows grazing in their natural habitat!  Milk is a perfect food.  Full and complete, if it is from a healthy cow, eating a healthy diet.  I am not taking any supplements.

Only milk and milk products:  Sometimes a bit of fresh raw yogurt, the odd scoop of pure, fresh raw sour cream, and on occasion a bite or two of raw camembert for variety and/or energy.  When I take it in small quantities, continuously throughout the day, I feel very content and satisfied.  I still cook meals for my family, eat at the table, and manage just fine.  (ok, so once when they had my favourite meal, I had to bring out a bowl of yogurt to keep me occupied, while enjoying  their meal by inhaling the pleasant aromas that surrounded me).

Secondly, I am not trying to lose weight fast, even though it has been rewarding to see 12 pounds on my digital scale disappear.  My goal is to balance my body, and enjoy doing so.  First, to dissipate the general sluggish feeling I have after eating some foods, which has already been accomplished.  Secondly to determine if it will alleviate any of my electromagnetic hypersensitivities issues, as well as what impact it will have on my blood pressure which has been somewhat elevated.  My goal is to determine the results in these areas, and at the same time, prove that the wholesome goodness of fresh milk is all that a body needs!

As I write this, I am reminded of an uncle of mine, who years ago worked in a lab.  He said he would never drink raw milk, because under a microscope he could see all the ‘bugs and bacteria’.   My response:  “Bring it on!”  That is precisely why I do drink it.  I welcome the wholesome goodness of a glass full of immune building properties!  I feel sorry for those who lack the opportunity to enjoy it, and more so, for those who choose to ignore it.  When people around me are sick, and I am not, I am once again affirmed that it is not the bug that is going around that is the problem, but where the bug lands.  If I am not taking care to build my immune system, then I have nothing to warrant off the attack.

My daily routine-where milk is concerned.  Before I go to bed at night I set out my ½ gallon of fresh milk on the counter.  When I wake up, I start my day with an 8oz glass.  I do this to curb any hunger, and start the day right.  After that, I fill my stainless steel coffee thermos which I carry around with me wherever I go.  When I leave the house, I always take a full coffee thermos of milk and a full water thermos, just in case I don’t get back in time to replenish.  I was caught off guard once, and it was a real disciplined effort to not enjoy supper with the family.  I sip constantly throughout the day.  This keeps my energy level stable, and keeps me feeling full.  When I prepare supper, I take out a cup of yogurt, and another quart of milk if I think I am going to need it to get through the rest of the day.  So far, the most I have consumed in a day, has been a gallon.  Usually, I consume between ½ and ¾ gallon (yogurt included).    I drink about 16 oz of water each day as well.   This amount varies, and I don’t pay close attention to having a certain amount.  I just drink it as my body tells me to.  My tongue often feels chalky, and remains white.  I hear that is normal, so I am not concerned.  One day it will be pink again.  My gums feel great, and are looking healthy.  I will be heading to the dentist soon, and will see if they notice any difference, as it appears to me that my teeth and gums have improved, and my teeth are no longer sensitive as they have been for the last year or so.

As I look forward, I plan at least another 2 weeks on this routine, and I will try to update you once a week.  Thanks for your comments.  I appreciated the links you shared, and have enjoyed a quick read here and there.

Alice Jongerden

Read about how Alice started her milk fast here.

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