Nadine Ijaz is invited to present on raw milk at B.C. Centre for Disease Control

From Nadine Ijaz in B.C.:

Nadine Ijaz with cow at raw milk rally at the B.C. provincial legislature in Victoria 2011

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to present a special scientific Grand Rounds presentation entitled ‘Unpasteurized milk: myths and evidence’ to provincial public health staff at the BC Centre for Disease Control on Thursday May 16 from 12 noon to 1 pm.  This invitation came in light of my recent research presentation at the Fresh Milk Food Politics event in Vancouver. 

I have significantly revised the presentation to gear it to the important factors public health staff must consider in reviewing high-quality scientific evidence regarding raw milk safety and possible health benefits.  This event represents a vital step in the long-sought pursuit of meaningful dialogue between advocates, producers, scientists, and government officials in Canada.

I warmly invite you to show your support for this event by tuning into the live webcast at 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time (3 pm Eastern Standard Time for folks in Ontario), this coming Thursday May 16, 2013.  The link requires no pre-registration, and may be found at

For those unable to view the webcast live, the presentation will be archived at

— Nadine Ijaz



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6 responses to “Nadine Ijaz is invited to present on raw milk at B.C. Centre for Disease Control

  1. It is beyond my comprehension, what the perceived risks of me doing something have anything to do with my right to it.

    Are the statist control freaks, claiming that the legislature can criminalize motorcycle riding, rock climbing, or horseback riding? That we must go begging them hat in hand to participate in these God given rights?

    That seems to be the constant message from the socialists in the raw milk movement. That we have no rights only permissions granted from our gods the legislature. This is a catastrophic way to deal with the fact that the legislature is our servant — not our master.

    • Peter

      Hear, hear…
      It seems to me that if tptb believe they can implement a control system, “they” may proceed and permit it… (look at the process of implementing marijuana regulations in the newly found “freedom” in Washington. If “raw milk freedom” came to pass in BC/Canada, producers will need a license and be under heavy scrutiny (see raw milk cheese production in Ontario, see the way of the butcher). But hey, the “public / consumer” doesn’t see that, and so doesn’t feel burdened. All is well. They got the product they wanted, unwittingly at the expense of freedom / the free market, and at the expense of the small scale producers, not to mention quality of food. No doubt the people will be grateful for perceivable being granted the right to choose… Three cheers for democracy / lobbying power / the Pied Piper, et al. Long live collectivism / socialism / Monsanto / status quo, et al
      / end sarcasm.

  2. Carol

    Congratulations Nadine. I hope they listen. It really seems in my opinion that it is ridiculous we are still going through all this so called education and discussion in Canada when the work has already been done in Europe. In case Canada has not noticed it is not a big deal regarding milk choice nor should it be here.I would think if Raw milk was the danger our government says it is there would not be any dairy farmers left because after all the governments own stats say over 80 % of them drink their raw milk. I would think it even higher with family , extended family, friends and in some cases neighbours and all the contraband added. Public Health should be inundated with illness but are they? No!! It should be my choice. I also would add it should be my choice where I obtain the milk not another bureaucracy saying I can only get milk from a Cow-share and if the cows are only fed XYZ. I have an issue with Cow-shares because of the cost of their products. For an example they charge in some cases $6.00 plus a doz for ungraded eggs. Some even purchase them from other farmers and sell them as there own. The same farmer for example shipping to Organic Meadow would only get about $1.35 per doz.for grade A eggs. I am all for the farmer making a profit but I believe the consumer who perhaps has little understanding of the issue and trusts the Cow-Share farmer is getting fleeced.

  3. frustrated farmer

    Good Luck!
    Will the B.C. election bode well for the case for raw milk?

  4. Congratulations to Health Researcher Nadine Ijaz and all the activists and herdshare members and agisters and supporters who have been working both behind the scenes and on the front lines to make this moment possible. When dialog finally occurs , EVERYBODY WINS .

    The BC Centre for Disease Control has archived a few other interesting related presentations on safety and risk although not specifically about raw milk .

    #1 – I note the Center for Disease Control just had a lecture on Quantitative Risk Assessment on December 20,12 by Anne-Marie Nicol .

    #2 – E. Coli – The misunderstood microbial indicator – April 25, 13 lecture by N.Fok

    #3 – 2013-02-29 -“From research to resource: Development of food safety education for pregnancy” E. Galanis/M. Taylor
    From Research to Resource: Development of Food Safety Education for Pregnancy,

    #4 – 2012-04-24 -Environmental Health Seminar Series
    “An overview of practice and policy changes as a result of several food-borne illness outbreaks in British Columbia and Alberta”
    L. McIntyre/N. Hislop/B. Slater

  5. P Blinch

    Big Brother government needs to leave farmers and food producers alone and let consumers make their choices.

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