Montana Jones back in court today

Here’s what she published yesterday on her fundraising page:

Back in Court tomorrow for the next appearance in the sheep case. The CFIA is now trying to have my lawyers bumped off this case and not permitted to represent me, stating that my excellent legal counsel may be “a conflict of interest”.

Unbelievable…will find out how an earth they might try to weave any reasoning into such utter nonsense.

The only conflict I can see is for them. Of course they don’t want the odds stacked any higher against them—it can’t always be easy opposing what is good and right.

The CFIA is up against an incredibly qualified team that includes two highly experienced, well-informed, astute, ethical legal minds who have chosen fields where they regularly fight for the right of individuals. They care about a future where people can voice their choices about their health, food, farming and freedom.

Please sharing widely, and donate if you are able…every bit helps so much—we’re fighting for your future too.”

Link to Montana’s fundraising page.

The Montana Jones’ story on


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