Final report — Alice Jongerden concludes her 27 day raw milk fast

Alice Jongerden after her 27 day fast

Mother’s day was the last day of my fast. How could I turn down the special, – made with love – bowl of soup? After 27 days of milk, Real Milk, I thought it was time for a taste of something else. It was worth it. Although, interestingly enough, I am still loving the milk, and the way I feel when it is all I have, so I have decided I will continue to enjoy it most of the day, and slowly add other foods.

In the 4 weeks of my Real Milk Only fast I lost 16 lbs. People often would ask me why I was doing it…and for all the reasons I mentioned, the biggest reason was simply ‘because I choose to, and can’.

A number of times I have been asked about the nutrition aspect of only Real Milk, and am I not worried that I am not getting enough nutrition. I find that question kinda funny… as if real milk from grass fed cows doesn’t have enough nutrition, especially comparing it with the western diet of processed and dead foods. The day before I ended the fast, I played in a social soccer tournament, playing 4 games in the heat of day. Being goalie, I wasn’t running constantly, but playing on the most challenged team meant it was an active post. I was surprised that I handled it well, not eating for 4 weeks. Fueled by Raw Milk-Yeah!

When I visited my hairdresser, she commented on how my hair was healthier, not quite as dry as usual. Also, my nails started looking very healthy, and began growing quicker the last week of the fast.

Since Sunday, I have been slowly adding other foods, and my body has transitioned well. I plan on taking up the 4 week fast again in the future, as I found it very fulfilling and rewarding. I know I could have written much more about it, but as always, there is so much to do 🙂

— Alice Jongerden


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2 responses to “Final report — Alice Jongerden concludes her 27 day raw milk fast

  1. Hello to Alice!

    I wonder if you will read this reply? I hope so, as I would love to know more about the ‘other’ raw foods you ate. (I hope that means cheese!) I really feel excited to try this same fast you went on…..Only, I do not know enough about how you went about it, yet.

    I have been suffering from headaches, little or no energy, and help with strong healthy hair would be most appreciated!

    I also want to congratulate you on this ‘invention’ of yours, and I am very pleased it worked out for you!

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