Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt may be forced to change lawyers in Shropshire sheep-napping case

Update from Montana Jones:

A four foot stack of disclosure documents in the CFIA against Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt and two others case. Photo: Montana Jones.

This four foot high stack of disclosure is “almost” all of it, says CFIA investigator David Eagleson. Vincent Lam’s novel “Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures” seems an appropriate accompaniment, since CFIA’s bloodbath killing of the country’s finest heritage Shropshire genetics only proved that my flock was healthy, and did not carry any scrapie disease. It has not however, cured the CFIA of their mission.

Yesterday in the Cobourg Ontario Provincial Court, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) advised Justice Robert Graydon they intend to file a Motion that would prevent defendants Michael Schmidt and myself (Montana Jones) from having our preferred legal counsel of choice, lawyers Karen Selick and Shawn Buckley.

Eagleson has publicly declared he may decide to call on Ms. Selick as a witness since she was present at the farm rally for the sheep on April 2nd, 2012. That  same day the CFIA arrived to destroy the healthy pregnant sheep and they were missing. He claims that would be a conflict of interest. How convenient.There are another 70 or so other people that were present that morning whom CFIA could easily call upon for testimony, thereby allowing the defandants the freedom to choose their own lawyers.

A May 29th, 2013 date was set to appear again, and a tentative date near the end of June is scheduled for a hearing in Peterborough court to determine if there is indeed a conflict of interest.

The actual trial date has yet to be determined, but the CFIA have already spent in excess of an estimated one million tax payers dollars on this case of the healthy, rare breed Shropshire sheep. No money at all has been spent on replacing the bloodlines of over 80 healthy rare Shropshires that CFIA killed. My Wholearth flock contained Canada’s oldest and rarest heritage genetics dating back to the early 1900’s, when the first British imports were brought in by the Millers. The Miller family are Agricultural Hall of Fame Premier breeders credited with providing our country’s prize foundation livestock.

Judge Graydon reiterated that it was a complex, contentious and highly emotional issue.

The legal bills will jump considerably if CFIA is able to convince a court to bump our chosen lawyers. We’ll need to start from scratch. Shouldn’t we have lawyers we are confident will provide us the best representation? Isn’t that our right?

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4 responses to “Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt may be forced to change lawyers in Shropshire sheep-napping case

  1. What the heck is going on? Don’t these people know that their actions and the reasons for them are obvious to people with half a brain? Are they so worried that they just might lose this case that they are stooping to these depths? This whole thing just goes from ridiculous to ludicrous! I pay taxes through the nose in this province and I do not want my hard earned money wasted on such a ridiculous case. Legal representation should be and I thought was every Canadians right. Is our right to choose not worth a hill of beans in even this kind of situation now? Am I still living in Canada? Sometimes I wonder……. This really takes the cake!

  2. Four feet of disclosure? And it’s free? Great for the woodstove!

  3. BC Food Security

    The federal conservatives should be “forced ” to change the Prime Minister,the Agricultural Minister and the Minister of Health . And while we are at it , the director of the Health Protection branch and the CFIA . Welcome to the new world vision for Canada where we no longer rely on public good , truth , compromise and dialog , common sense, practicality, service and vision. Instead we rely on force . No matter how much more costly, harmful , damaging, time-consuming, unjust, undemocratic , illegal and brutal this may prove to be .

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