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Wisconsin prosecutors still want to send Amish raw milk farmer to jail

From Kimberly Hartke at the Weston A Price Foundation:

But please jail the sustainable farmer who humanely raises his animals and provides the best of chemically-free, nutrient dense food…yeah, throw that criminal in jail! — picture and caption via Farm Food Freedom Coalition, on FB.

Baraboo, Wisconsin—June 3, 2013 —Less than a week after the jury acquitted him of three criminal charges, Eric Defort and Phillip Ferris, attorneys for the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), move to have the judge revoke the terms of the bond and jail Vernon Hershberger.

In January 2012 Vernon Hershberger was arraigned at the Sauk County Courthouse on four criminal misdemeanor charges for violations of the state food and dairy code; after appearing before Judge Guy Reynolds, he was released on a $500 bond with the bond containing conditions he was not to violate. Continue reading


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