Wall Street turning against Monsanto?

From Ultraculture.org

Monsanto stock being dropped from hedge funds; are the markets reacting to public outrage over Monsanto’s policies?

While consumer groups and activists have been expressing outrage against the agribusiness giant Monsanto, the markets have been reacting—the massive public backlash against Monsanto’s back-door legal dealing and the health concerns over genetically modified organisms have tanked Monsanto’s ratings on Wall Street.

As a result, several hedge funds are currently dumping the corporate giant—more bad news for the Monsanto board.

Via Insider Monkey:

Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) has had one of the most up-and-down years of the stocks we track. Shares of the ag behemoth have been unable to get on a run in 2013, as constant drama over GMOs seems to be hitting the newswires daily. With that in mind, it appears that some hedge funds want nothing to do with it….”

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3 responses to “Wall Street turning against Monsanto?

  1. If it’s true that consumer and activist opinion of Monsanto has caused it’s ratings to drop then that is FANTASTIC news : ) It’s good to see protests creating change…

  2. john skelly

    more power to the people, this has to be a sign that public health can win over private and political greed, when the other greed mongers start dumping on their own kind surely it has to be the begginning of the end, lets hope so, and i hope this applies to all the worthless filthy entities that would destroy the worlds food supply in an effort to control it, otherwise the vacuum created when Monsanto goes down will just pull the other mongrels in to the space as a replacement.

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