Toronto residents to demand end to water fluoridation at Sept 21st rally

From a news release via Intellihub:

Toronto City Hall. Photo Wikimedia commons

TORONTO — So far 350 people have confirmed their attendance on the Facebook page and over 1,000 have signed the online petition.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid has been added to the community water supply in Toronto for 50 years. It is a toxic waste byproduct of phosphate fertilizer production that is commonly used for fluoridation in The United States and Canada. It has been shown to cause leaching of lead from pipes and is contaminated with arsenic, mercury and radionuclides.

In the past two decades, a burgeoning body of research has linked exposure to artificially fluoridated water to serious health problems, including: cancer, thyroid dysfunction, skeletal and dental fluorosis, and cognitive impairment. Furthermore, recent peer-reviewed research demonstrates that exposure to fluoridated water may significantly lower IQ in children, even in low concentrations (Choi, Sun, Zhang & Grandjean, 2012; Ding et al., 2011).

Several major North America cities have recently voted to stop fluoridation of their water, including: Calgary Alberta, Albuquerque New Mexico, and Windsor Ontario. In 2011, Toronto City Council considered halting water fluoridation due to budget cuts, but ultimately voted in favor of keeping it.

On September 21st, 2013 concerned citizens of Toronto will gather to send a peaceful and powerful message: they do not want this unnecessary and harmful chemical added to Toronto’s water supply any longer!

Visit the campaign website at

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One response to “Toronto residents to demand end to water fluoridation at Sept 21st rally

  1. jwillie6

    The public water supply should never have been used to deliver a drug. Once added to the water you cannot control the dose, you cannot control who gets the medicine, no doctor is checking side effects such as individual susceptibly, it is taken for life in every glass of water and it violates individual’s right to informed consent.

    Medical professionals should be ashamed to support such a crude and unethical practice as fluoride which results in cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, arthritis and other serious health problems.
    See “Dangerous Health Effects” at

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