Cuba, North Korea, and . . . . .

Cuban (top) and North Korean (bottom) flag images via Wikipedia.

“September 19, 2013  |  Quick, name three countries that crack down on small farmers who follow the centuries-old tradition of selling food privately to friends and neighbors.

If you guessed North Korea and Cuba, you are correct. If you are still trying to figure out the third country, here’s a hint: it’s the land of the free and home of private enterprise.  Aside from North Korea and Cuba, the United States has come down on its smallest farms as harshly as any for following the centuries-old tradition of selling food privately to friends and neighbors.


• In just the last two years, America’s government apparatus has sought severe criminal penalties against three farmers (in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California) for allegedly selling food without a license.

• Two other farmers (in Pennsylvania and Maine) have been hit with government demands for injunctions to prevent them from farming if they continue to distribute food to private groups of customers.

• A third farmer (in Michigan) has been notified, in the last few weeks, that he is being fined $700,000 for raising free-range pigs that he sells privately, and will be fined more if he continues the practice….”


David E. Gumpert’s blogs at The Complete Patient.


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2 responses to “Cuba, North Korea, and . . . . .

  1. Peter

    Ok. So if we despise the idea that we should need a license to sell our stuff, why do so many persist with the idea that government blessing / oversight / regulation for raw milk is what is needed? Seems rather hypocritical to me…

  2. jeherendeen

    How many people DO ask for gov’t blessing/oversight/regulation? Not me. (If people DO ask, how many of them are simply bamboozled by the regulators’ propaganda?)

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