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Vive la raw milk difference

From Christian Saretzki via The Biodynamics blog:

Author Christian Saretzki in Frey Vineyards’ cheese cellar. Photo via the Biodynamics blog.

“Milk was never appealing. It was rather tasteless and a bit too watery, not to mention the fact that it came in a plastic bag on which the words “homogenized” and “pasteurized” were clearly highlighted. That is part of what I experienced growing up in a big city like Bogota, Colombia. At least, to balance things out, home-made cooking was the norm and grandma’s love for the kitchen could turn any store-bought produce into a delicious meal.

For the past six months I have been working and apprenticing at Luke Frey’s Biodynamic Farm located in Redwood Valley, Northern California where I have been given the task of milking two lovely Jersey cows and turning their milk into a variety of dairy products, especially cheese. Continue reading

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