Vive la raw milk difference

From Christian Saretzki via The Biodynamics blog:

Author Christian Saretzki in Frey Vineyards’ cheese cellar. Photo via the Biodynamics blog.

“Milk was never appealing. It was rather tasteless and a bit too watery, not to mention the fact that it came in a plastic bag on which the words “homogenized” and “pasteurized” were clearly highlighted. That is part of what I experienced growing up in a big city like Bogota, Colombia. At least, to balance things out, home-made cooking was the norm and grandma’s love for the kitchen could turn any store-bought produce into a delicious meal.

For the past six months I have been working and apprenticing at Luke Frey’s Biodynamic Farm located in Redwood Valley, Northern California where I have been given the task of milking two lovely Jersey cows and turning their milk into a variety of dairy products, especially cheese.

Could raw milk really taste so delicious? Could real butter seem so yellow? Could fresh whey be so sweet? Could the cream that rises to the top be so thick? Could one fall in love with the art of making cheese and devote oneself to tending the wheels as if they were tender living creatures? These are some of the questions that confronted me as I entered into this commonsensical way of living….”

Read more on the Biodynamics blog.

Originally published in the Autumn 2013 newsletter of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California (BDANC), this is the first in a series of articles relating to the experiences of what Luke Frey coined “The Agricultural Culinary Folk Arts” (

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