Food safety not what it’s really about

From Off the Grid News:

“In its efforts to ensure the safety of food, the US government may actually be ignoring the real problem while shutting down small organic farms.

So says the Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based farm policy research group which released a 16-page analysis accusing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in a way that will crush “the country’s safest farmers” while leaving what Cornucopia calls the “root threats to human health” – contaminated manure made on “factory” livestock farms and certain produce-processing methods – untouched.

“In response to deadly outbreaks involving spinach, peanut butter and eggs, Congress acted decisively three years ago to pass the Food Safety Modernization Act,” said Mark A. Kastel, co-director at Cornucopia. “Better oversight is needed but it looks like regulators and corporate agribusiness lobbyists are simultaneously using the FSMA to crush competition from the organic and local farming movement.”

The paper noted a recently-released research report by Cornucopia that looks at the FDA’s regulations for implementing the FSMA, along with guidance meant to control Salmonella in eggs from outdoor flocks. The report concludes that such regulations would fall hardest on family farmers, and it alleges that the abuses the regulations were meant to correct “are mostly emanating from industrial-scale farms and giant agribusiness food-processing facilities.”

“The FDA freely acknowledges that the farm cost of implementing their proposed Rule will drive some producers out of business,” the paper says. “Record keeping, testing protocols, and the need for an auditor will cost thousands of dollars. The FDA estimates an approximate annual cost of $4,700 for very small farms and $13,000 for medium-sized operations. In a very narrow margin business, these costs can amount to a significant percentage of a farm family’s net income. And these FDA numbers may be an underestimate.”…”

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2 responses to “Food safety not what it’s really about

  1. Thanks for stating the obvious.
    Government does not belong in any safety business, least of all food.
    The free market, and existing laws will insure a much safer food supply than a government that is in bed with big agri has provided. Government ALWAYS produces an inferior product or service than the free market produces.

  2. paul seguin

    Corporate America wants us to buy from them.It keeps us dependent on the medical industry. They are partners in crime
    I have found LITHIUM in a wide spread variety of food(more than ten pages). Yes even in certified organic foods. Its in the packaging , but I am the only complaint according to the Canadian and US Governments and since I found this through holistic medicine and the process of elimination both governments official positions is that there is no problem. It is a sad world.Poisoning the population for profit. I think they call it financial engineering.
    I now do not eat anything without testing it first.
    My life depends on it.
    I have being telling people of this problem for over three yrs now .Nobody cares. Even those who practice a healthy lifestyle think im crazy. Maybe so but 6yrs ago I wasn’t expected to live much longer.I found this problem in the food chain adjusted my habits accordingly. Now I am healthier then ever before and still alive.
    take that corporate America .You didn’t get me this time.
    p.s. I can only imagine what they will come up with next.

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