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Rare glimpse into dark arts of policy making at Ontario’s legislature and courts — how the big players do it

Contrast the events described in this story to the reception that the raw milk constituency has received over the years at Queen’s Park. Interesting that it was raw milk supporting MPP Randy Hillier who blew the whistle on this bipartisan effort to help out a big corporation in their time of need through special legislation. From Martin Regg Cohen, in the Toronto Star:

“EllisDon is the blue-chip construction company that called in its chits with the governing Liberals and opposition Tories. The firm had made massive campaign donations over the years, mostly to the grateful Liberals, and some Tories concluded that helping EllisDon could increase their share of future contributions.

StrategyCorp is the well-connected lobbying and consulting firm hired by EllisDon to do its bidding. The assignment: fix a delicate political and legal problem pitting EllisDon against unionized construction workers. Continue reading

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