Hospital backing out in case of 10 yr old Amish girl forced to undergo chemo?

From David Michael on  the Journal of Natural Food and Health:

“Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH) wants to back out of their involvement with the Sarah Hershberger forced-chemo case according to two reports received by the Journal from family friends at the courthouse. This was the result of yesterday’s conference with Maria Schimer and Hershberger’s attorney with the probate judge who was quoted as saying ACH wants to back out. It is not surprising the hospital may be wanting out.

There has been such an uproar and backlash created by alternative media outlets  in Northeast Ohio and throughout the world, and talk amongst the Amish communities–not to mention all the phone calls, letters and emails to ACH.  Hospital management and the doctor team are probably embarrassed and regret their actions by now, as are other hospital employees.

If it is true that ACH wants out now as reported, and if Maria Schimer,  the hospital-backed  attorney/nurse the court appointed guardian over Sarah, wants to use her guardianship power to order chemotherapy– it won’t be at ACH–unless they change their mind. She would need to take Sarah to another affiliated children’s hospital. Regardless, how could they force treatment on a 10-year-old Amish girl not wanting any more of it and willing to kick, scratch and scream. This would not look good on YouTube. Further, if the hospital wants out as reported, this is an admission of wrongdoing.

It is a smart move by ACH public relations and legal team to limit the damages to their reputation and business losses now. The consequences of their actions, including requesting Ms. Schimer to sue for guardianship, are far from over. Anyone can examine the nature of the business relationships between ACH and NEOMED and their doctors and attorneys close to the Hershberger case. They are not all that transparent….”

More on Journal of Natural Food and Health.

Video is from this earlier post on the Journal of Natural Food and Health.


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