From cellphones to Fukushima — subnature and spiritual science

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“We’ve got 3 reactors, the cores have left the vessel. They’ve burned through the bottom of the vessel. We don’t really know where they are, because the radioactive environment even fries robots that TEPCO’s been trying to send in there. They have been sending very innovative robotic machinery and sensors in there to get a picture, to get a reading, and these things don’t return. We have opened a door to hell that cannot be easily closed – if ever….” — William Boardman, on Reader Supported News.

Although it’s not covered much in the mainstream news, public interest in the problem of continued and possibly increasing radioactive leakage from TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has brought a lot of searchers to the Bovine to read past stories we’ve posted on the subject. And of course it’s depressing to just post news of terrible disasters like Fukushima. One has to wonder whether there isn’t something that could be done to improve the situation, rather than just waiting for the released radiation to kill all life in the Pacific ocean, and rain down over North America.

Readers from the area around Toronto Canada may be interested in an upcoming lecture dealing with problem of radiation from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. The November 28th lecture will feature Johannes Kuhl, leader of the Natural Science section of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. Although the lecture title is perhaps more indicative of cell phone radiation, Dr. Kuhl has recently been to Japan and hopefully will have some insight into the Fukushima situation as well. Here’s a link to the Facebook event page for that talk.

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Anthroposophy is the spiritual source which inspired the biodynamic method of agriculture which raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt uses. Another biodynamic farmer who came to Canada before Schmidt, in the early 1980s, Bernhard Hack, told how after the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster in the Ukraine, aerial surveys of radiation levels in the German countryside showed anomalous areas which were less radioactive than their surroundings. Upon further investigation, it was found that these were biodynamic farms. If that story is true, that would suggest that biodynamic farming acts as a counterforce to nuclear radiation. Not that it’s the sort of thing you’d expect government officials to happily confirm.

While we’re on the subject of Chernobyl, healing oil therapist Thomas von Rottenburg was recently in Toronto lecturing on how to work with the zodiac beings for healing. During this lecture he happened to mention results of research showing that clairvoyant investigation of people who did not get sick from Chernobyl radiation. The clairvoyants found that these were people who had surrounded themselves with a feeling of love.

Another student of Rudolf Steiner’s work who deals with these issues is Robert Gilbert, of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, based in Asheville, North Carolina. Robert is ex military. His role in the military dealt with surviving biological, nuclear and chemical warfare. One of Robert’s main projects has been to teach Ibrahim Karim’s Biogeometry in the United States and Canada.

Biogeometry is somewhat based on the French method of physical radiesthesia, or dowsing. In this method one doesn’t so much ask questions and look for answers, as one does in “mental” dowsing, but rather one discerns energy qualities, based on a spectrum of 12 “colours” with two sub-bands for each colour, using a pendulum which is adjustable for the different colour qualities, looking for resonance. The techniques of biogeometry can be used not only to discern energy qualities, they can also be used to transform energy qualities. For instance to transform unbeneficial energies to a beneficial energy quality akin to blessing and prayer. This is done using external methods such as placing coloured spots at the right places in a room (which need to be dowsed for), or placing certain two or three dimension geometric form based devices or tools on spots such as earth grid crossings and adjusting them correctly.

Biogeometry has been shown to be successful in ameliorating cellphone radiation dangers. A particularly dramatic experiment was done in the Swiss town of Hemburg, where the radiation effects were so bad that all the wild animals left and people were sleeping in their basements to avoid being radiated. After the installation of Karim’s devices, some of which were placed on the transmitting towers themselves, everyone could relax and feel better and the animals came back to the area. The story was reported on Swiss television. According to Dr. Karim, the energy of electromagnetism resonates with the energy of untruthfulness, which likewise resonates with the energies of energy-polluted earth grid lines. Biogeometry also has applications in architecture and medicine. Dr. Karim’s book is titled “Back to a Future for Mankind”.

A professor at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Magda Havas, has done work on ameliorating the effects of what she characterizes as “dirty electricity”, and has observed that electricity which has more high frequency components (as in a Fourier analysis) is more deleterious to health than electricity which is a pure 60 Hz sine wave. Typically this high frequency garbage that gets superimposed on the sine wave, comes from poorly filtered switchmode power supplies and things like large screen TVs, computers, dimmer switches and halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. One can buy filters to plug into one’s household outlets to reduce these high frequency components and meters to measure how dirty one’s power is. Magda has done testing with people who have multiple sclerosis, as they seem particularly sensitive to the changes in the frequency spectrum of electricity.

Dr. Havas has also done work with ground currents which cause stress to farm animals. When there is a lot of current flowing through the earth, animals who stand on it will experience a voltage difference between their front and back legs which causes current to flow through their bodies. They may also get shocks when they drink from their water bowls. All of which leads to stress, disease, and in the case of dairy cows, reduced production. The prevalence of ground currents in North America is related to the design of our power grid. It’s a problem they don’t have in Europe for instance.

Another technology, that has been developed for bedrooms, is a circuit breaker which will completely turn the circuit off when no current is being drawn. That way, there will be no electricity in the wires in the bedroom while you are sleeping , assuming you keep your clock radio somewhere else. Dr. Ibrahim Karim jokes that when we go to bed, we plug our phone in to charge, and we plug our heads into the power grid — just from the proximity effect from live wires in the wall. This type of breaker is intended to prevent that effect.

Getting back to radioactivity, the last time he was in Toronto, Robert Gilbert was selling a $200 radiation detector that you carry on your keychain and which will alarm if it is exposed to radioactivity. He says these are carried by members of Congress in the United States, who presumably might be worried that an enemy had planted some radioactive material in their environs to kill them with a fast acting cancer.

In volume 8-1 of the Anastasia books, “The New Civilization”, there is a chapter titled “Domination over Radiation”, in which the son of Anastasia and the author, Vladimir Megre, discovers a radioactive pebble at the bottom of a pond, and holds it in his hand, mentally containing the power within it while pondering how human beings might be able to use newly developing spiritual faculties to actively transform radioactivity. As with all the Anastasia books, one doesn’t know for sure if one is reading fact, fiction, or something like a modern faery tale. But it’s a nice thought that new dangers such as widespread radioactivity might awaken new faculties in human beings.

In his “Leading Thoughts”, Rudolf Steiner writes in a similar vein about what he calls sub-nature ( such as electricity and magnetism)

“183. In the age of Natural Science, since about the middle of the nineteenth century, the civilised activities of mankind are gradually sliding downward, not only into the lowest regions of Nature, but even beneath Nature. Technical Science and Industry become Sub-Nature.

184. This makes it urgent for man to find in conscious experience a knowledge of the Spirit, wherein he will rise as high above Nature as in his sub-natural technical activities he sinks beneath her. He will thus create within him the inner strength not to go under….”

More from Steiner on Nature and Sub-nature.

Of course there are other perilous technologies on the horizon beyond nuclear. In his book on the Wrong and Right Uses of Esoteric Knowledge, Steiner describes a kind of free energy technology of the future that will be activated by the moral nature of the human beings using it. Something of the sort is associated with the character Strader in Steiner’s four Mystery Dramas. There is a group in Spring Valley New York working on putting all four on next summer (2014). If they pull it off it will be the first time this has happened in North America.

There’s lots of material out there on free energy technology. Perhaps some of the most credible is from Tom Bearden, an American nuclear engineer, who, in addition to positing a new theory of electromagnetism, also writes about subspace technologies such as scalar interferometry and causal system robots. See his book “Fer de Lance” for more on this sort of psychotronic weaponry. In fact there’s a whole wilderland of material on fringe technologies out there, from Victor Schauberger’s work on water, to black budget military and ufo based science that the whistleblowers on the website Project Camelot talk about.

As Isaac Asimov put it so succinctly “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

Perhaps we should not leave the subject of nuclear technology without a nod to James Shelby Downard and his interpretation of the development of the atom bomb as a kind of Masonic ritual. For a good primer on the subject see the chapter “The Call to Chaos: From Adam to Atom by way of the Jornada del Muerto” in Adam Parfrey’s anthology “Apocalypse Culture”. Which of course fits right in with Richard Hoagland’s “Dark Mission”, a history of NASA in which he asserts the space agency is peopled with freemasons, Nazis and magicians. But you won’t read that in the New York Times. Or even in The Guardian.

“Never allow anyone the luxury of assuming that because the dead and deadening scenery of the American city-of-dreadful-night is so utterly devoid of mystery, so thoroughly flat-footed, sterile and infantile, so burdened with the illusory gloss of “baseball-hot dogs-apple-pie-and-Chevrolet” that it is somehow outside the psycho-sexual domain. The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these “modern” conditions precisely because sorcery is not what 20th century man can accept as real….” — James Shelby Downard, King Kill 33

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7 responses to “From cellphones to Fukushima — subnature and spiritual science

  1. Please note that the lecture by Johannes Kuehl is on November 28, not the 18th, Thanks…

  2. the Bovine

    From Intellihub News:

    “FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE, JAPAN (INTELLIHUB) — The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Facility continues to spew deadly radiation into the atmosphere and ocean more than 2-years after a natural disaster decimated several MOX reactor units. Most islanders still consider Tepco and the Japanese Government to be incompetent after decontamination efforts have proven to be failures in most cases.

    In fact, the ecological damage is so extensive in some areas that the truth is being hidden from the public.

    One thing we do know is that off the coast of California, a very high percentage of “Bluefin Tuna” have been found to be contaminated with radiation which has already reached American waters of the Pacific Coast as of early March of 2013. This was highlighted in a Washington’s Blog article entitled, “Absolutely Every One” Bluefin Tuna Tested In California Waters Contaminated with Fukushima Radiation” which was read by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.[1]

    In a startling televised broadcast that took place back in January,ABC News reported how the radiation, the new “invisible” enemy and could affect the “bay area”. After all “dozens of species have been labeled too radioactive to eat” as “several hundred tones of radioactive water pour into the ocean every day”.

    Some say that Tepco and the Japanese Government can’t handle the clean-up because it’s “too large”, while others question why the Japanese Government has turned down international support all together.

    Most people agree, including ABC’s David Ono,that Fukushima is “potentially the biggest ticking time bomb in history”.

    Dr. David Suzuki stated during a presentation back in January, “It’s Bye-Bye Japan and Everyone on the West Coast of North America Should Evacuate”, referring to a future earthquake striking Japan….”

  3. thebovine

    Role of Glutathione in counteracting ionizing radiation:

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