Water fluoridation banned in Muskoka

From Collective Evolution:

“The district of Muskoka, Ontario is home to about 60,000 and is a hot spot for Toronto resident cottages. On Monday October 21st, the district voted during a council meeting to end the practice of water fluoridation. With a vote of 10-9 in favor of ending the practice. Muskoka joined a long list of cities ending the detrimental practice of water fluoridation. It is projected that the city will save about $50,000 per year by ending water fluoridation. [1]

Growing awareness about  the dangers of water fluoridation lends a hand to the success we continue to see all over the world with regards to fluoride being removed from the water supplies. IsraelAustralia, Canada and the U.S. all feature a number of cities who recently joined, virtually the rest of the world, in removing fluoride from public water.

Activists who continue to spread awareness about the clear dangers of water fluoridation can be thanked for the continued success we are seeing. Fluoride has been linked to cancer, osteoporosis, decreased brain function, fluorosis of the teeth and skeleton, reduced thyroid function, arthritis, reproductive issues and more. [2]

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2 responses to “Water fluoridation banned in Muskoka

  1. Morgan J Kerr

    Well, heck folks, we need it banned here in Ontario for sure

  2. Morgan J Kerr

    I have tried raw milk and it is delicious and full of love…Boooya!!!! lol

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