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What if… a US food policy official spoke and answered questions at NOFA?

From David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

Food rights blogger David E. Gumpert as “David Edwards” presents at the NOFA-NJ Winter Conference on Sunday, Jan. 26. (Photo by Rita Ladany) Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“I got a taste Sunday of what it is like to be a government food policy official in enemy territory.

I spoke at the NOFA-NJ Winter Conference in Lincroft, NJ, and decided to assume the role of David Edwards, a high-ranking (and fictitious) food policy official at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (NOFA is the Northeast Organic Farming Association.) Continue reading

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Farmer Michael Schmidt Challenges Canada on Raw Milk Freedom Feb. 5

Via Kimberly Hartke, The Campaign for Real Milk

Michael Schmidt raises a glass of raw milk at a speaking engagement in the United States a few years back. Lately he’s been prohibited from traveling as a bail condition in the Shropshire sheepnapping case in which he was charged.

January 29, 2014 -Ontario, Canada–Embattled dairy farmer, Michael Schmidt, of Glencolton Farm, returns to court next week, in his decades-long struggle to legitimize his cow-boarding program. At the Ontario Court of Appeal hearing on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Schmidt and his attorneys seek to overturn convictions involving the distribution and sale of raw milk.

Many supporters are expected to fill the courtroom at 130 Queen St. West, at 10:30 am [Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario]. Continue reading


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Raw milk showdown at Osgoode Hall

From the Canadian Constitution Foundation blog, “The Justice Report”, by Derek From:

Photo credit: National Post.

On February 5th, 2014, the Canadian Constitution Foundation will ask the Ontario Court of Appeal whether the government can take away your freedom to eat foods to promote your health when those foods cause harm to no one.

CCF client, Michael Schmidt, grew up in rural Germany where the sale of unpasteurized milk is legal. He obtained a masters degree in agriculture in 1978, writing his thesis on bio-dynamic farming—an early form of modern organic agriculture. He developed the “cow-share” concept in Germany for the purpose of reconnecting consumers and producers to ensure a safe milk supply. Continue reading

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Update on Friends of Toronto Waldorf School Community Bond proposal

View from the five acres, looking towards the Toronto Waldorf School.

Back in December we posted about an initiative from the “Friends of Toronto Waldorf School Foundation”. The Friends proposed to raise $3.6 million in community bonds so that they could extend a mortgage to the school thus making it possible for the school to not sell land. The new mortgage would replace an existing mortgage coming due in April 2014 and provide some additional interim funding. Continue reading

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20 Years of the Raw Milk Struggle — Michael Schmidt in Court Feb. 5, 2014

From Ontario raw milk farmer and food rights advocate Michael Schmidt:

Casting pearls of raw milk and cheese before swine – following police orders for destruction of raw milk products – from Michael Schmidt’s 1994 “Milk War”. Photo courtesy of Michael Schmidt.

In 1994 our adventure into the food rights battle started with a vengeance.

If I count right that means 20 years this February. Continue reading


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Have you had your flu shot yet?

It’s totally understandable, after the public reactions to the H1N1 scare and controversy a few years back, that the drug cartel PR machine would be re-calibrated for the new environment. And this year it seems we’re starting to see some of the next generation of “grey magic” from those quarters. Amy Parker’s story, “Growing Up Unvaccinated”, excerpted below from Slate, and which has been widely reprinted, including in the Toronto Star, takes aim squarely at the advocates of a natural lifestyle, perhaps because they have been vaccination’s most outspoken critics.

It’s also worth noting that there was a recent controversy in Canada recently in which stocks of free vaccine were supposedly depleted and the question was, is it right for a drug store to take advantage of the situation by charging people $20 for a flu shot from the store’s own supply. The (not so hidden) message here is that the flu shot is so popular that stocks run out and people — Canadians even — willingly pay $20 to get it. Could the vaccine makers be taking a page from Steve Jobs’ playbook in creating artificial shortages to boost buzz around their product?

Screen grab from the Slate story by Amy Parker

“I am the ’70s child of a health nut. I wasn’t vaccinated. I was brought up on an incredibly healthy diet: no sugar till I was 1, breastfed for over a year, organic homegrown vegetables, raw milk, no MSG, no additives, no aspartame. My mother used homeopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy; we took daily supplements of vitamin C, echinacea, cod liver oil.

I had an outdoor lifestyle; I grew up next to a farm in England’s Lake District, walked everywhere, did sports and danced twice a week, drank plenty of water. I wasn’t even allowed pop; even my fresh juice was watered down to protect my teeth, and I would’ve killed for white, shop-bought bread in my lunchbox once in a while and biscuits instead of fruit, like all the other kids. Continue reading


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Word on the street — “Isn’t it great that raw milk is now legal in Ontario?”

We’ve heard that several times over the past month from folks who’ve been loosely connected with the raw milk scene in Ontario.

Ha. This story is from 2010. Rule 1: Check dates before posting. Screen grab from FB.

The trouble is, it’s just not true. Well, to be more accurate, it seemed to be true for a while following the January 2010 acquittal of Michael Schmidt on all charges relating to the 2006 raid on his Glencolton Farms. And that’s the era that this recently widely circulated Toronto Star news story is from. See frame grab from Facebook above. Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on “saving the sheep from the wolves”

Sheep photo by Laura Berman, via Montana Jones’ “Save our Shrops” FB page.

The ongoing obsession of bureaucrats and helpless politicians to regulate every step we take and bite we eat has made us into graceful dancers between the dream of freedom and our so called civil duty to obey the law.

Yes indeed it is a dance around the search for humanity.

We are remembering those who resisted in the past. We admire Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mandela but tolerate and welcome the current enslavement which is taking place in our daily life through those who claim to know better than us. Continue reading

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