Michael Schmidt “upbeat” as he prepares for Feb. 5th appeal date

From David E. Gumpert, on The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt enjoys a winter interlude with his family at his Glencolton Farm this past weekend. 

“Canadian raw dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has been in legal limbo for about twenty years now. It’s difficult to even make that statement without wondering, first, about the system that allows such ongoing official pressures on one farmer, and second, about what it is like to live with such a situation.

All you have to do is know Schmidt even casually to appreciate you are dealing with someone who has deep strength, to possess the determination to stand up for his principals, and deep spiritual reservoirs, to do so without rancor or hatred.

But now, at long last, one part of his legal journey appears to be heading into the home stretch, into a period where the end may at long last be within sight, and with it, the realization that this dairy farmer, committed to biodynamic farming principles, could actually win, or lose, and that private raw milk availability in Canada could win or lose in the process.

“I hope for the best, but expect the worst,” he told me during a conversation on Saturday, about his date this Wednesday with the Court of Appeal for Ontario. This could be the last stop, or the next-to-last stop, on this particular leg of the legal journey—one which saw him win a court trial allowing his raw milk herdshare in 2010, and then lose on appeal in 2011…and the next year earn a rare appeal opportunity that has led to Wednesday’s court date. The next stop would probably be the last, the Supreme Court of Canada, and likely whichever side loses will appeal to that final arbiter….”

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One response to “Michael Schmidt “upbeat” as he prepares for Feb. 5th appeal date

  1. I agree we should have a the right to choose to drink raw milk.
    I was raised on raw milk it never did me any harm.
    Don’t give up

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