One Small Step for Sheepkind…

From Montana Jones:

Montana Jones, lawyer Shawn Buckley, Michael Schmidt

HIGH FIVE to lawyer Shawn Buckley for his superb work in ensuring justice was served in one small step today toward truths and rights.

Superior Court Judge ruled today that Crown Damien Frost will NOT be permitted to cross examine Michael Schmidt nor Montana Jones on anything other than facts relevant to the conflict of interest question.

A few months ago in Lindsay court, the Crown brought a Conflict of Interest Application to try and stop Schmidt and Jones from keeping their lawyer of their choice Shawn Buckley. Citing a potential future issue in the actual trial, Frost admitted he did not see one at present.

The Hearing was halted after the Crown insisted on questioning the co-accused concerning issues that were not relevant to the alleged potential conflict of interest issue, and could actually have compromised the future trial. That Judge was going to allow it, however Shawn Buckley objected to Crown Frost’s line of questioning and immediately requested a Judiciary Review, which was heard today in Superior Court in Oshawa, where Judge ruled in Buckley’s favour.

Thank-you Shawn, Genevieve, the Canadian Constitution Foundation and Buckley Law Office for your exceptional knowledge and support in getting us this far.
The date for the Hearing to continue is TBA.

Via the “Save Our Shrops” FB page.

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  1. That is justice in Canada? Scary…..

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