Raw Milk and Michael Schmidt in court today, Feb. 5th, Osgoode Hall, Toronto

Today is a big day for raw milk in Ontario.

Photo of Michael Schmidt with Canadian Constitution Foundation lawyer Karen Selick on the steps of Osgoode Hall back in July 2012 following a successful request to be able to appeal Michael’s 2011 conviction on raw milk charges related to the 2006 raid on his farm near Durham Ontario. Now finally that appeal is to be heard today February 5th, 2014.  Photo David Pickett.

Supporters of raw milk and food rights from across the province will be on hand today in Toronto to show their support to Michael Schmidt as he and his lawyers argue that the 2011 conviction against him on raw milk charges should be overturned.

Michael was originally acquitted on these same charges in January of 2010.

But then the Crown appealed, and won their appeal, in Newmarket court. Michael was subsequently sentenced to fines and costs totaling about $9,000. Subsequently Michael, through his lawyers at the Canadian Constitution Foundation, requested leave to appeal that decision. That leave was granted in July 2012.

And now, today, raw milk is getting its day in court in Ontario. However, the three judge panel is not expected to decide on the case for a few weeks time.

Read the news release that has been circulated to the media.

Here is the Canadian Constitution Foundation’s report on the case.

And Michael Schmidt’s own historical survey “20 years of the raw milk struggle…”.



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3 responses to “Raw Milk and Michael Schmidt in court today, Feb. 5th, Osgoode Hall, Toronto

  1. Jean

    Go Michael Schmidt! Thank you for your excellent work on all of those who want to have access to raw dairy products. My health is improved because of you! You’re an inspirations and we appreciate you.

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  3. Eric

    You should accept bitcoin fundraising, you would get more support!

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